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Creeper are aggressive monsters and the most famous creatures in Minecraft. Their name comes from the English word "to creep" (to sneak up on / to sneak up on), because they approach almost silently. When a creeper gets too close to the player (or any other creature that attacked them), it starts hissing like a burning fuse, puffs up, flashes white, and shortly afterwards explodes, hurting bystanders and the nearby landscape destroyed. Creepers make no noise when they are idle, which is why you don't notice their presence until you see them or they are right next to you.

The face of a creeper is in the 'A' of the Minecraft lettering and has become a common internet meme.

Behavior [edit]

  • The creeper runs around aimlessly until it sees the player.
  • Creepers move relatively slowly, only slightly faster than zombies.
  • When he gets close enough to the player, he starts to hiss (sound of a lit fuse: "Ssssss"), which shows that he is about to detonate.
  • 1.5 seconds later, the explosion follows, killing or injuring nearby, unprotected players or mobs, leaving a spherical crater the size of 4 × 4 × 4 blocks when the creeper is standing on earth or sand, with all surrounding blocks except obsidian, weeping obsidian, bedrock, ancient scrap, netherite blocks, magic tables, command blocks, construction blocks and anvils are destroyed. If the creeper explodes about 1 block above the ground, it leaves a crater about 7 × 7 × 2 blocks in the ground. (TNT also creates a wider, shallower crater when it explodes just above the ground.)
  • Rarely does it happen that the player is not injured at all (even if the player is not wearing armor) - but only if the creeper explodes right inside him - one is thrown up and only receives fall damage.
  • However, the explosion can be prevented by either killing the creeper fast enough or by escaping its explosion radius. The creeper will then cancel the detonation, approach the player, and begin the detonation process again. In the degree of difficultyHeavy you have to run a longer distance than normal so that the creeper cancels its detonation process. The player can take advantage of this by running towards him, attacking, so that the creeper is pushed back, stepping back and repeating this process until the creeper is done without exploding. This is the only way to get the drop of the creeper (black powder).
  • If a creeper is killed after it has been detonated and before it can detonate (when the "hissing" sound is heard), there will be no explosion.
  • Unlike zombies and skeletons, creepers can move easily on the surface even in sunlight without catching fire. In contrast to spiders, creepers can also pose a threat to the player during the day.
  • Creepers cannot wear armor and cannot cause a chain reaction in groups, since no explosion occurs when Creepers die from external influences (unlike TNT).
  • A creeper that has been dropped with a toss or lingering potion and then explodes leaves a cloud of particles behind.

Properties [edit]

  • Creepers can drop records in addition to gunpowder. However, this is only the case if the final attack that leads to the creeper's death is carried out by a skeleton. How the creeper is injured by then does not matter. The easiest way to accomplish this is to hit the creeper three times with an iron sword and then have a skeleton hit it with an arrow afterwards. However, you can lock the creeper in a fence or something similar and make sure that it stands between the player and the skeleton. That makes it a little easier (once you've caught the creeper).
  • If creepers explode underwater, the surrounding blocks are not damaged, but surrounding objects are damaged as usual.
  • If a creeper explodes on a step (with the exception of wooden steps), only the step is destroyed and the player receives a maximum of 6 ()Damage.
  • If you lure a creeper into a pit two blocks deep and dig a passage at his feet, he can be easily killed without the risk of him exploding. Creeper traps can be built quickly and easily. The only downside is that you have to kill the creeper yourself.
  • Creepers flee from ocelots and cats. This can be used for sorting systems in monster traps, e.g. skeletons of creepers can be separated in order to farm records.
  • The command in connection with the rule can be used to switch the destruction of blocks by Creeper on or off. They continue to explode and damage living things, but no longer destroy blocks in the process.
  • Creepers are not attacked by dogs, iron golems, and zoglins.
  • If a creeper is standing in a spider web, the time to explode takes a little longer and, like underwater, it does not destroy any blocks, but only damages creatures.
  • If a creeper is about to explode, other creatures will flee nearby.
  • If the player blocks with a shield just before the creeper explodes, they won't take any explosion damage, but they can take fall damage if the explosion blows up blocks from under them.
  • If you click on a creeper in spectator mode, you can see everything green through its eyes (exit with the sneak button).
  • You can make a crepper explode by lighting it with a lighter, this works in both creative mode and survival mode. The creeper will then explode immediately, this also works with loaded creepers.

Loaded Creeper [edit]

A creeper about to explode

Creepers can become charged creepers with a lightning strike. When this happens, the explosive force increases; you can recognize this by the fact that they have a 1 × 2 block large electrical aura around them. As soon as lightning strikes a creeper, it takes damage, which makes killing a charged creeper faster.

You cannot spawn loaded creepers with spawn eggs, you can use the command instead. But be careful: When using, the creeper is spawned directly at the player's position. If the player is in survival mode at this point, the creeper will explode instantly, most likely killing the player with it.

If a charged creeper kills another creeper (charged or uncharged), a Witherskeleton, a skeleton or a zombie, they always drop their heads. If several monsters are killed at once, only one will drop its head. If you throw an invisibility potion at a charged creeper, the aura remains visible.

NBT data [edit]

  • Creeper has the object ID "creeper"
    • General object properties
    • General characteristics
    • General creature traits
    • Explosion Radius: Radius of the explosion. Default value: 3.
    • Fuse: Time in ticks for the creeper to explode (does not affect a creeper that falls and explodes on impact). Default value: 30.
    • ignited: 1 or 0 (true / false) - true if the creeper was lit with a lighter.
    • powered: 1 or 0 (true / false) - Optional. true if the creeper has electrical armor because it was struck by lightning.

Progress [edit]

symbol progress description predecessor task Data value
Adventure, exploration and combat Kill any creature or get killed by any creature
Monster hunter
Slay a monster adventure

Kill one of the following monsters:

Creeper, Servants, zombie villagers, ice hikers, Ender dragon, Enderman, Endermite, drowned man, Ghast, Great Guardian, Witch, Hoglin, Cave Spider, Lohe, Magician, Magma Cube, Phantom, Piglin, Piglin-Barbarian, Pests, Looters, Slime, Shulkers, Silverfish, Skeleton, Spider, Demolisher, Guardian, Wither, Witherskeleton, Desert Zombie, Zoglin, Zombie or Zombified Piglin
A joke to throw away
Throw your trident at something.
Note: Throwing away your only weapon is a bad idea.
Monster hunterHit any creature with a trident
Target exercises
Shoot something with a bow and arrow Monster hunterHit any creature with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Progress is also achieved using spectral arrows or effect arrows.
Master hunter
Kill one of each monster Monster hunter

Kill all of the following monsters:

Creeper, Servants, zombie villagers, ice hikers, Ender dragon, Enderman, Endermite, drowned man, Ghast, Great Guardian, Witch, Hoglin, Cave Spider, Lohe, Magician, Magma Cube, Phantom, Piglin, Piglin-Barbarian, Pests, Looters, Slime, Shulkers, Silverfish, Skeleton, Spider, Demolisher, Guardian, Wither, Witherskeleton, Desert Zombie, Zoglin, Zombie and Zombified Piglin

Achievements [edit]

symbolsuccessdescriptiontaskPointsCup (PS)
Monster hunterAttack a monster and kill it.Slay any monster by hand, weapon or tool.15Gbronze
ArcherKill a creeper with arrows.10Gbronze


  • Notch describes the Creeper as "being crunchy, like dry leaves", in German: "He is cracking / rustling like dry leaves"[1]. Indeed, the creeper texture is derived from the first foliage texture. In Survival Test0.24 and Survival Test0.25, the texture of the creeper has not yet been trimmed and you can also see the leaves on the unused areas. It is the completely unchanged texture of the oak leaves from Classic0.0.15a, which is laid next to and one below the other. So the creeper is originally a forest monster. But because hardly anyone knows that, he is often depicted with fur in artworks.
  • Jeb thinks the green color should probably be a camouflage, but Mojang is still under discussion as to whether the skin or fur should be more leafy.[2]
  • Creepers share the title with Steve as the symbol of Minecraft. The profile picture on the official Minecraft Facebook page shows a creeper face.
  • In the game, creeper faces appear in the following places: chiseled sandstone, lama with a green carpet, turquoise glazed ceramic, banner with a creeper face, spiritual villager.
  • Although the creeper has no arms, it can climb ladders like the other monsters.
  • Theoretically, it is possible to take a loaded creeper into the end and thus kill the ender dragon. However, as with the spider or the enderman, no head is dropped.
  • When asked why creepers explode, Dinnerbone replied, "Isn't that obvious? They just want to hug someone. But everyone runs away or even attacks them. That's too much for them." - "But creepers don't have arms" - "That's exactly why they want to hug someone so much. They see how beautiful it is in other people and they want it too."[3]
  • Creepers will not explode if struck by lightning after they have been detonated (before they explode). The resulting loaded Creeper can explode like any other creeper.
  • Besides Devastators, Creepers are the only aggressive, four-legged creatures naturally occurring in the overworld.

Gallery [edit]

  • A creeper comes dangerously close to the player

  • Normal creeper with a crater

  • Loaded creeper with a larger crater

  • A creeper named "Dinnerbone" is upside down

  • Wider, shallower crater of a creeper that exploded almost 1 block above the ground

History [edit]

The flawed model of a pig.

The Creeper was implemented in the Survival Test0.24. It originated from a failed model of a pig in which Notch accidentally switched the length and height.[4] Now it stood upright, but still had the AI ​​of a pig, ran around and looked at the player. Notch thought that was pretty scary (creepy) and kept the thing as a monster. A friend of Notch suggested that the monster explode, and that became the Creeper.

Just like zombies and, in the beginning, skeletons, creepers deal melee damage in Survival Test. The explosive surprise only followed after the player killed her. That way you couldn't prevent a creeper from exploding if you wanted to get him out of the way.

Version history of the Java Edition
Survival Test0.24
Survival Test0.26
  • Creeper explosions no longer destroy stones or stone-like blocks, they also leave smoke behind
  • Creepers make noise and play an animation before the explosion
Beta 1.5
  • Creepers now have more explosive power when struck by lightning
    • Added new power armor that creepers get when they are struck by lightning
Beta 1.8(Beta 1.8-pre1)
Full version 1.0(1.0-rc1)
  • New explosion animation and new detonation sounds
Full version 1.1(11w50a)
Full version 1.2(12w04a)
  • Creepers are now running away from ocelots and have improved AI
Full version 1.3(12w30a)
Full version 1.4(12w41a)
  • Creepers can now have a custom blast radius and ignition time
Full version 1.4.4(1.4.3-pre)
  • Creepers killed by the arrow of a skeleton can now drop the record "11"
Full version 1.6(13w18a)
  • Creepers no longer explode when attacking them in creative mode
Full version 1.7(13w36a)
  • The creeper explodes if you light it with a lighter
Full version 1.8
  • Creepers now run away from other creepers when they are about to explode
  • Creepers now pursue iron golems and try to damage the golem by exploding
Full version 1.9(15w39a)
  • Hitbox adjusted (height: from 1.8 to 1.7)
Full version 1.11(16w32a)
  • A creeper that has been dropped with a toss or lingering potion and then explodes leaves a cloud of particles behind
  • The object ID has been changed from "Creeper" to "creeper"
Full version 1.14(18w43a)
Versions of the Bedrock Edition
Alpha 0.4.0
Full version 1.2.0 (
  • The game rule "Loot of creatures" can now be switched in the world settings
Full version 1.2.9
  • The game rule "Creature Loot" can now be toggled in the world settings without activating cheats
Version history of the console edition
TU1CU11.00Patch 1
TU5CU11.00Patch 1
  • Loaded creeper added
TU12CU11.00Patch 1
  • Creepers no longer attack other monsters
TU14CU11.04 Patch 1
  • Creepers have a larger explosion radius
TU24CU121.16 Patch 1
  • Creepers have a new animation when exploding
TU31CU191.22 Patch 3
  • Creepers explode when lit with a lighter

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