Muddy champion in lol what is adc doing





Crowd control, burst, mobility


For the archaic term, see ADC.

Marksmen are ranged champions whose power almost exclusively revolves around their basic attacks: using their reach to land massive continuous damage from a distance, marksmen are capable of taking down even the toughest of opponents when positioned behind the safety of their team, and excel at securing map objectives such as Dragon, Baron Nashor and turrets.

Marksmen are tremendously vulnerable to burst damage, due to their fragility, and tend to be exceptionally weak early in the game, requiring high amounts of gold, mostly via minion kills (or CS:Creep Score) to acquire powerful, but expensive, damage-focused items. Due to their potent reach and DPS, marksmen are particularly strong against more durable opponents, namely fighters other tanks, but fall quickly to the burst damage of assassins other like it.