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How do you write umlauts and a sharp S on non-German keyboards?

An easy way that requires just a little bit adjusting is using US International layout (it's what I'm using and I love it). There seem to exist different variants: With and without dead keys.

Without dead keys, everything is normal, except you get lots of accented letters with AltGr, e.g., AltGr + s is ß, AltGr + p is ö, AltGr + q is ä and AltGr + y is ü.

With dead keys the layout becomes more powerful since it allows you to combine diacritics with different letters, e.g., the key that creates a is a dead key and allows you to put dots over lots of letters: äëüïÿẍ. Same for accents,, and `: áàâã. The downside is that for quotes you need to type an extra space and the occasional bug in applications and desktops.

answered May 31 '11 at 20:50


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