How much lg g3 in saudi arabia

Record: The LG G3 has the largest advertising poster in the world

The LG G3 will soon be in the Guinness Book of Records: The smartphone flagship is emblazoned on the largest advertising space in the world. A luminous, superlative advertising poster stretches across an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 3000 square meters at King Khalid International Airport in Saudi Arabia. However, the smartphone itself takes up a very small part of this huge area.

The colossal advertising poster that the millions of passengers at the Saudi capital's airport can now marvel at is more than two football fields long and 12 meters high. The South Korean company expects the radiance of its illuminated record advertising to generate added value of $ 25 million within a year. That would be a lot of LG G3s that would have to go over the counter due to the giant banner. However, the modest advertising space should not be used forever for the company's own top smartphone; other devices from the Group's diverse range of electronics should also find space here over time - perhaps also the LG G Watch R.

A poster the size of a quarter of a million LG G3s

Speaking of a lot of LG G3: The smartphone itself would easily find space over 250,000 times on the advertising space. And the QHD phablet with its 5.5-inch display is not one of the particularly handy representatives of its craft. To put a quarter of a million copies of the LG G3 there would certainly not have been a bad promotion.

Large-scale airport advertising seems to be a hot topic with the South Korean electronics giants: Samsung dedicated an entire terminal at Heathrow Airport to its smartphone flagship Galaxy S5 - and got Nokia to react with humor. Will the competition also come up with an answer to LG's new mega advertising?