Nostale how to get fruit juice

Delicious and healthy fruit juices

Drink fruit juice in moderation

A fruit juice contains two critical components: (fruit) sugar and therefore a lot of calories. And not everyone can tolerate the fruit acid it contains; excessive amounts of it can be unhealthy. Ursula Klein recommends juices made from red berries because they have the lowest acid content.

Not-from-concentrate juice, nectar, concentrate - what's in the juice?

There are countless offers, not only with regard to the types of fruit, but also with regard to processing and: Fruit juice often contains not only fruit, but also flavor enhancers and often a lot of sugar.

At the Fruit juice drink the fruit content is very low - the actual fruit is just one of many ingredients. When buying, you should therefore look at the list of ingredients! How much fruit is there, how many additives and how much water. This drink may not be called juice or fruit juice in Germany.

The proportion of fruit juice in the nectar is 25-50 percent. It is diluted with water and usually also contains a lot of sugar.

Peaches or bananas, for example, contain too little liquid for a juice and are therefore usually offered as nectar. These products are often extremely sweet, artificially sweetened and stretched. You should not drink it pure to quench your thirst, but rather dilute it very strongly with water.

At a Fruit concentrate If the water is removed from the fruit immediately after pressing, only the concentrate remains. Water is only added again when the bottle is filled. The fruit concentrate itself contains 100 percent fruit.

The fruit of one Not-from-concentrate is pressed and bottled directly. The fruit content is 100 percent. If sugar is added, this must be stated on the label.

How good is the popular apple juice?

The fruit acid content is not as high as in an orange juice, for example. The calorie and therefore sugar content is relatively high. It is better to drink the juice diluted with water.

How do you mix a healthy spritzer?

A spritzer should be mixed one-third with juice and two-thirds with water.

What about smoothies?

Smoothies or fruit purees are very high in calories and are more likely to be seen as small meals and nothing in between. Basically, no fruit juice or puree can replace fruit in one piece. In the long term, smoothies can cause a lot of damage to tooth enamel because of their thick texture and because they stay in the mouth a little longer, because of the sugar and acid.

Mix healthy juices yourself - this is what matters:

  • Do not choose fruits that are too acidic (orange, passion fruit or similar)
  • Fruits shouldn't be too sweet (like a banana, for example)
  • Fruit puree: production is recommended. It's easy to freeze and thaw as needed and dilute before consumption.
  • Mix in vegetable juice: This helps the body absorb vitamins. Good combination: carrot with orange.
  • Add two drops of cooking oil to the juice, if the ingredients contain fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), so the organism can utilize the vitamins better.
  • Don't let juices stand too long: the longer they stand, the more vitamins are lost. In addition, the juices also become unsightly (brownish) at some point
  • A simple juicer is sufficient for preparing many fruits, a juicer is suitable for fruits such as apples. Spices such as basil, chilli or ginger, for example, can also be added there.

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