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We offer individual support and treatment for any dependence as well as for hepatitis C - open-minded and unbiased. Professionals from different specialist fields will work with you to improve your physical and mental health.


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Drug Addiction - We're talking about the taboo

Widespread but invisible: Little is said about "silent addiction" - we want to change that!

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Authentic, exciting and rousing: "The bloody eye of the Platzspitzhirsch"

André Seidenberg's book is a must-have for everyone who wants to experience first-hand insight into the peak times of the square.

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We are available for consultation hours from Monday to Friday, while the medical counter to obtain your medication is open seven days a week.

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We are here for you - confidential and straightforward.

In a first meeting, we will be discussing your situation and inform you of the possible ways forward. Whether you would like to consume less, want to stop consumption temporarily or permanently, or whether you don’t know if your habit is at all problematic: We are here for you. We will support you to reach your goals - in a respectful collaboration with you.

How do treatments at Arud work?