What color is silver ice metallic car

Which color for TTC - brilliant black or ice silver?


I know it's one of those absolutely subjective, "annoying" questions again, but unfortunately I can't really make up my mind about it.

I'm about to order my new TTC and I'm "a little" desperate.

Brilliant black would be an option for me because I already know it from my old TTR (I had it before my plain black GTI). It is very susceptible to scratches, but in my opinion simply the nicer, because it is deeper black than the metallic paint in phantom black. Would you also order the light gray Alcantara leather combination for the interior (sky black or light gray?).

Ice silver because it is a timeless and trend-independent (in contrast to ibis white) color, the classic par excellence, once you drive through MrWash and the car looks like new again (even after 3 years); In addition, it seems to me that the contours (side line, etc.) come into their own with light silver colors (ice and avus silver) and that the car looks larger overall.

Regarding the other colors: Dolphin and condor gray as well as Sahara silver are out of the question, as I have already seen them live and they couldn't really convince me.

What do you think or how would you decide? Thanks!!

Greetings Raffi

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Good Morning!

You have already said it yourself, an absolutely subjective question. Only you should follow your Taste decide what your new car should look like!

I would go to your dealer and look at the respective color on a car "in right". You can't give anything to the pictures in the configurator. The :) also has these great samples with all the colors in combination with the interior colors. Maybe that will help you too!

best regards

A friendly hello

My TT, exterior color black pearl effect, leather Alcantara and black sky.

Just looks good.

I wish you always a good trip and always asphalt under the tires.

Greetings HerbyTT

For me, the most beautiful color in the Audi range would be Daytona gray. Unfortunately, this is only available as an exclusive paint job from Quattro GmbH and does not meet my price expectations.: Confused:

For this reason I would always order "him" in black. Silver is not my thing at all. In my opinion, this is more in line with an MB 200 D, which is mainly driven by the older generation. In my opinion, dark colors go best with a sporty car like the TT. Ibis white is also very beautiful, but a trend color that will disappear again in the next few years.

You don't think about it at the moment, but when you resell it later you will get a better price with black, in my opinion, than with silver or white.

This is my personal opinion!

Also purely subjective from me. I think silver is an extremely boring color for all cars. With your selection, only black would remain. If I could decide again now, I would probably tend to dolphin gray. Not quite as sensitive but totally noble.

..... as I said, purely subjective :)

The advantages that you have listed for both colors leave me the impression that you tend towards ice silver. It costs an extra charge, but it is worth it in my opinion. Streaks and holograms are practically invisible on the paint. My light silver car is given a layer of decent hard wax three times a year and it always looks very neat. When the car comes off the conveyor belt of the car wash, it looks as if it is about to roll off the assembly line in Ingolstadt. ;) Like New. Hardly any other color can do that and the joy comes up every time a new one. :)

But ice silver isn't exactly that exciting. Due to its ability to hide the contours, brilliant black is of course much dreary, but with colors such as B. Garnet red or Mauritius blue - maody66 is the expert here;) - you get a real eye-catcher.

So brilliant black is very sensitive in my opinion! Had it on my Sportback and you really saw everything on it, even if you were in the car wash a lot, like the previous owner at that time, you saw a lot of curls, etc. in the 2 year old paintwork.

What do you say about phantom black, pearl effect, I just think the color is cool, and should cost the same as ice silver! It is much less sensitive than brilliant black and yet the car still looks really nice black. My car is always washed by hand and treated with wax 2-3 times a year so I never have any problems. I already have phantom black pearl effect 3 times on my Audis, would use it again and again.

Greetings Sebastian

Hm, that's right, brilliant black is very sensitive and you can see "every shit" on it. As I said, it already had an Audi in the same color.

Could someone post photos of their TT in phantom black, brilliant black and / or ice silver (or dolphin gray)? Would be really helpful, because I want to order within the next three weeks.

@ Sebastian: Today I saw one in phantom black at my audio center in the showroom - with the 9x18 cast aluminum wheels in 7-arm design. Just looked awesome!

The decision will be really difficult ...


Originally written by RaphaelGTI

Could someone post photos of their TT in phantom black, brilliant black and / or ice silver (or dolphin gray)? Would be really helpful, because I want to order within the next three weeks.

May I help you,

mine in phantom black:

@ Black Scorpio: Holy shit!

What kind of extreme paint is that, please! When I was 18, I had a lupo in almost the same color for a year. ;)

I just can't get rid of the trauma.

But on the TT, even the color looks good.