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How can I add music to my WhatsApp status? Can I add background music to my WhatsApp status and if so, how exactly does it work on Android or on the iPhone (iOS)? For a few months now, the new WhatsApp status has been available in which, unlike in the past, you can not only upload simple text messages but also pictures and videos. One or the other might ask when recording a status video, how can I record a status video and store music? If you are asking yourself the same question, then the instructions in this post can certainly help you.

Record WhatsApp status with music

If you want to add music to your WhatsApp status, this is quite easy on both Android and iOS. All you have to do is play a song via the media player on your mobile phone before recording the WhatsApp status. The music should of course come from your cell phone speaker, so any headphones should be removed. In the current WhatsApp version, the song running in the background is not paused, but is played when the status video is recorded and accordingly also recorded. Although the quality is not the best depending on the cell phone, since the microphone picks up the sound from the loudspeaker, in most cases it is still quite acceptable. So you can easily record and upload the status video with the music in the background.

Upload video with music in WhatsApp status

If you want to store your WhatsApp status with music, you can also record the video beforehand and then insert the music using a video editing app. If you want to upload the video with the background music from the gallery to your WhatsApp status, you do not have to tap the record button but select and upload the video in the bar above the record button. Since with this variant the music is inserted directly into the video as an MP3 file and is not recorded by the microphone over the cellphone loudspeaker, the quality is of course much better.

Are there any other ways you can add music to your WhatsApp status?