What is Harvey and Donna's pre-trial rituals

Suits season 9, episode 1: This is what happens in "Everything's Changed"

Donna and Harvey are finally united

Suits season 9 has started. There is a fierce crackling between Donna and Harvey while the firm is in big trouble. You can find out from us what happens in episode 1 called "Everything's Changed".

In the finale of Suits Season 8, what fans have longed for happened: Donna and Harvey spend a night together. In the premiere of season 9, we start the morning after. The two are in each other's arms and can hardly believe what happened. Donna contacts Rachel to tell her about it, and Harvey leaves a message for Mike with the news.

Louis shows up in Donna's apartment because the law firm is in trouble. He notices that Harvey is wearing the same clothes as the day before, but concludes that Harvey and Donna spent the night trying to find a solution for the company. Sam immediately sees through what has happened and is mad at the two of them for not concentrating on their work. To blow off steam, Samantha challenges Harvey to fight a boxing match. Afterwards, Donna and Harvey give up some clients to show their goodwill to Samantha and Robert.

Meanwhile, the New York Bar Association is fighting to get Robert's name removed from the firm's name. Harvey and Co. refuse, but a spokeswoman for the Bar Association shows up with documents that give her full control of the firm. She forces Louis to sign it, otherwise all partners' license to practice law will be revoked.

Harvey invites Donna to Mike and Rachel's old apartment. He didn't sublet it, as planned, but pays the rent himself and invented a tenant. This bears the name of the applicant who never showed up on the day Harvey hired Mike. Harvey confesses to her that he's finally where he should have been and that he loves her. When he realized they should be together, it felt like they'd always been together.

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