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No chance for crumbs and stains: cleaning upholstery and carpets

A cozy evening on the couch with snacks and drinks, raging children or pets in the living room - before you know it, there are crumbs and stains on upholstery and carpets. But don't worry: with just a few tools, minor mishaps can be eliminated quickly. With these devices and tips, your living space and carpet will stay beautiful for a long time.

Why should carpets and upholstered furniture be cleaned regularly?

A living area, fabric sofa and TV armchair ensure a high level of comfort in the living room every day and are accordingly used a lot. As well as beautiful carpets, which bring comfort and accents into the apartment, but are prone to stains. In order to enjoy both for a long time, regular carpet and upholstery cleaning is a must. There are several reasons for this:

  • Deeper lying dirt is loosened
  • Unsightly spots disappear
  • Animal hair and harmful mites are removed
  • The appearance of the upholstered furniture and carpets is preserved and their lifespan is extended

Incidentally, this also applies to mattresses and car seats, which should also be cleaned regularly.

For superficial contamination: vacuum

Superficial soiling on carpets and upholstery, for example loose dirt, crumbs or crumbs, can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner. It also depends on the choice of the right accessories.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly at least once a week. As a rule, vacuum cleaners have a switchable floor nozzle, with which you can choose between the setting for hard floors and a setting for carpets. A cordless broom is recommended for quick cleaning in between.

Upholstery cleaning

A vacuum cleaner is also suitable for superficial cleaning of upholstery, mattresses or car seats. It is particularly thorough with an air-operated turbo upholstery nozzle. It reliably removes deep-seated dirt, animal hair and even harmful mites that are increasingly found in mattresses, but also in upholstered furniture.

For allergy sufferers: teat with water filter

The water filter vacuum cleaner DS 6 not only ensures that carpets and upholstery are free of crumbs, but also that the air is fresh and clean. It cleans without a filter bag, just with the natural power of water. It filters 99.5 percent of all particles from the air, binds them in the water and thus ensures a more pleasant room climate. Particularly pleasant for allergy sufferers. A positive side effect: the vacuum also reduces bad smells in the home.

Cleaning tip for the device: Simply hold the individual parts of the water filter under running water after vacuuming - they are quickly ready for use again.

For stubborn stains: vacuum cleaners

Carpets, upholstery, car seats and mattresses can be cleaned deep into the fibers with a spray extraction device, also known as a vacuum cleaner. The principle behind it is simple: water and cleaning agent are sprayed on with the vacuum cleaner and then sucked out of the fiber again together with the dirt. This makes the process particularly thorough and the drying time compared to removing dirt without a vacuum cleaner is significantly shorter.

Tip: Remove stains if possible while they are still damp.


A vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove cleaning agent residues from textile floor coverings and upholstery - for example if stains have already been treated manually or the cleaning agent from the last cleaning is still in the fibers.

Caution: Upholstery and carpets should always be checked for water resistance before spray extraction, preferably in an inconspicuous place.

In between: selective stain removal

Stains on carpets and upholstery can be annoying - whether chocolate, red wine, grease stains or dirt from outside. Quick action is usually required because:

  • fresh stains are easier to remove,
  • old stains are hard to define
  • Stains can spread with prolonged exposure.

Basically, it is always important to act quickly with damp stains and to dab the liquid on immediately with a dry, clean cloth. Never rub, otherwise the liquid will penetrate deeper and deeper into the fibers and the tissue could be damaged.

90 percent of all stains are water-soluble. This can be tested quickly with a white cloth and lukewarm water. If the stain is loosened by the water, it can be loosened from the fiber with slightly rotating movements of the cloth from bottom to top.

A universal stain remover helps with non-water-soluble stains: Spray into a color-fast cloth and dab the stain with it until it loosens. In order to remove cleaning agent residues, the surface can then be rinsed with a vacuum cleaner.


vacuum cleaner

Whether with cable or battery, filter bag or water filter: there is a suitable vacuum cleaner for every need.

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vacuum cleaner

Whether with cable or battery, filter bag or water filter: there is a suitable vacuum cleaner for every need.

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Vacuum cleaner

Multifunctional vacuum cleaner with integrated spray suction hose and washing nozzle for thorough, fiber-deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery.

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Vacuum cleaner

Multifunctional vacuum cleaner with integrated spray suction hose and washing nozzle for thorough, fiber-deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery.

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