How to do a magic change of clothes trick

Learn magic tricks: 6 magic tricks with instructions for kids

If you want to turn a children's birthday into a special event, you need unusual ideas. How about a little magic show? Don't you know any magic tricks? No problem! In the following you will find 6 video instructions for very simple and effective magic tricks.

Preparation of the magic tricks

When making the selection, care was taken to ensure that every magic trick is very easy to learn and can be done with materials that almost everyone in the household has in stock. No acrobatic skills are required, you just have to know how to do it.

You can watch each magic trick as a video so that you can better imagine what it looks like and how it works. First we show how you can perform the trick and then what really happens. If your child wants to learn a magic trick, you should get them the necessary materials (listed under each video) and practice a little with them so that the magic trick works to its full potential.

Magic trick for children: the three magic boxes

Description: You have three magic boxes - one is full (rustles), the other two boxes are empty. Now let the boxes wander and the spectators have to guess where the full box is at the end. What nobody suspects - you can let the filling jump from box to box!

What do I need for the magic trick?

  • four small boxes
  • some spaghetti and spiral noodles
  • a rubber band
  • possibly glue and foil to decorate the magic boxes nicely

Card trick with instructions: The 4 aces

Description: A deck of cards is shuffled by the magician. Then the cards are evenly distributed over 4 piles. The magician can perform the trick himself or have a volunteer do it. At the end the top cards are revealed - and Simsalabim - 4 aces appear.


  • optimal: A Skat card game with 32 cards
  • normal card game

tip: If shuffling is too difficult, you can leave it out of the card trick.

Magic trick: teleporting balls with cups

Description: You put a ball on an empty cup - make it disappear and reappear in another place. It appears as if the balls are falling through the bottoms of the cups or being "teleported" from one cup to another. In addition to the demonstration, the video also contains the resolution and crafting tips so that you can do everything yourself (that is necessary for this magic trick).


  • 4 small balls
  • 3 opaque paper cups

Note: A little concentration and skill are required here so that you don't get confused while doing magic.

Magic trick instructions: Transform a playing card

Description: The magician has three playing cards and asks a spectator to pull out the middle card. The surprise is - the playing card has changed before his eyes!


  • 4 playing cards from an old deck of cards
  • Scotch tape
  • scissors

Tip: We recommend using aces for “transforming”, as there is the least number of pictures / writing printed there, i. H. an ace in an ace is the easiest to hide.

Card tricks: mind reading with magic card

Description: In this card trick, a spectator can draw a card without showing it to the magician. The card is hidden back in the pile and the wizard tries to read the mind of the spectator to find the right card. But instead of simply showing the card, he lets it float out of the box of playing cards with mysterious powers.

What do I need for the magic trick?

  • a set of playing cards
  • Cardboard box for playing cards
  • Glue and scissors

Magic trick instructions: make the coin disappear

Description: Here we first make a coin invisible with a glass and then conjure it up again. Since you have to prepare something for the trick, detailed handicraft instructions will show you how to do it.


  • an empty old glass
  • a coin
  • a sheet of paper
  • Glue
  • scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • opaque paper (e.g. thin cardboard)

If you want to learn more magic tricks, see the article “Learning Magic Tricks: 5 New Magic Tricks for Kids” for more ideas.

Have fun doing magic!

Andrea Munich