Braun Fusion Proglide Styler how to open

trnd project: Gilette Fusion ProGlide Styler

Trimmer & comb attachments in the organizer

From the very first attempts it was clear: the trimmer of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler delivers results worth seeing - The three different comb attachments and the excellent workmanship of the ProGlide Styler offer diverse style options at clean cut length!

There are three different ones in the ProGlide Styler's organizer Combs for every beard style.

The lengths are available:

At first glance, this might sound modest. But the comb lengths are ideal for everyday beard grooming and enable a wide variety of beard styles. The combs are off robust plastic made to a easy control of the trimming process and a gentle treatment to allow the skin. Only a long-term test can show how long the comb attachments are. From the current point of view, they definitely work well processed and already withstood a fall!

The trimming teeth of the ProGlide Styler are made of metal, the cover is made of plastic, so cleaning is very easy. The handle of the ProGlide Styler is ergonomically shaped and on the underside with a kind of rubber knobs that are very pleasant to the touch. This makes it easy to use - ProGlide Styler feels great in the hand even when it is wet!

In terms of its compact design, the size of the trimmer is not significant either: The ProGlide Styler's trimming sheath is just 2cm wide! This makes handling the trimmer easier - it is very maneuverable and compact! The speed at which the trimming process progresses cannot, however, be compared with a high-class and specialized beard trimmer. However, this should not be a major obstacle for everyday use. Because the result can absolutely keep up with the special trim products and the Time saving By using a single device for styling, this small shortcoming easily makes up for - after trimming, all hair was cleanly trimmed to a uniform length, and there were no skin irritations!

Cleaning is really easy: instead of having to take the entire razor apart as with competing products, you can open the trimmer by pressing lightly against the trimming blade with your thumb and simply rinsing it under running water. However, after a long beard styling, this area is also recommended to be cleaned with a brush, as cleaning Difficulty with large amounts of hair holds.

I'm really impressed by the trimming capabilities for a product in this price range, the cooperation with Braun has absolutely paid off for Gillette!