Trik bhavas in astrology what makes saturn

Month: January 2021

Rahu and Ketu show the development of our consciousness in the Vedic horoscope. Ketu reveals what we have worked on here in past lives to perfect ourselves, but have not yet perfected it, whereby Rahu now forces us into strange and underdeveloped areas of life to grow in them, which should ultimately lead to being able to complete Ketu's lessons . This interaction of the rasis (signs), bhavas (houses) and their rulers is very important in order to be able to gain more depth of interpretation from the analysis of Rahu and Ketu. The following example is dedicated to this approach. Scott Nearing is an American teacher, author and philosopher who about 100 years ago radically turned away from the social trend, left his home and lived a life as a dropout and a recluse.

Horoscope Scott Nearing

Scott Nearing has Ketu in conjunction with the 8th house point in Taurus in the 8th house and its ruler in Leo in the 11th house in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury, Rahu is in conjunction with the 2nd house point in the 2nd house in Scorpio, whose Ruler Mars is in conjunction with Saturn in the 9th house.

That means z. B .:

1. Ketu in conjunction with the house point = in which areas one tried to find security in past lives. This also shows where, based on past lives, one thinks that one has to find security there again, but is now dissatisfied with what life here now offers. There is a strong karmic connection here and / or there is still open karma that needs to be balanced.

Interpretation z. B. for our example:

Scott Nearing had in past lives the experience of being able to find security through the sources of others or of a partner or he became dependent.

2. Ketu in the sign = the underlying problem. Indicates what the house connection Ketus ultimately wanted to achieve and gives descriptions.

Interpretation for our example:

Over many lifetimes, Scott Nearing learned how to benefit from the sources of others; thereby he came to more possessions and self-worth.

3. The ruler of Ketu = how successful were these actions? Ketu acts through its ruler. This shows how easy or difficult it was for someone to implement the house or character position in the past, and we also get additional information about this process.

Interpretation for our example:

John Scott experienced possessions and self-worth through the sources of others. Now the author of Ketu, Venus, is in the 11th house with Mercury and the sun. This shows e.g. B. to the help that he received from his ancestors or his parents (Mercury rules the 9th house point, is in Magha). The father could have played a dominant role here, because the sun is the pitrukaraka and the natural karaka for the father. The 11th house stands for reputation and income, so we can summarize that he was able to build up his life in past lives through the sources of his ancestors, the father in particular played a dominant role and through him he also came to esteem and income, which ultimately led to the fact that he was able to build his own material security and self-worth on it. Since the sun hurts Venus or vice versa, we also learn from this that he also felt dependent and that stressed his father. But the sun also stands for the state authority, since it is in the 11th house, we can also see here that there were difficulties with superiors and authorities, which was also shown again at the beginning of this life.

4. Rahu in conjunction with the house point = which specific area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife is still underdeveloped and would now like to be experienced more. The lack of fulfillment that Ketu's house position indicated is now the cause of realigning consciousness to new possibilities in which one is not yet so good at it; but by doing so one can bring this to a conclusion where Ketu still indicates imperfection.

Interpretation for our example:

Rahu has a conjunction with the 2nd house point. This means that Scott Nearing would like to take more care of his material security in this life. Rahu is in Nakshatra Svati, which means that he wants to do this in a way that is more appropriate to his individuality and makes him independent.

5. Rahu in the sign - solution of the underlying problem. The sign reveals which topic Rahu's house connection ultimately wants to master.

Interpretation for our example:

Rahu is in Scorpio. That means, he wants to free himself from dependencies and build up inner (own) strength.

6. The ruler of Rahu - this indicates how Rahu would like to proceed in this life in order to build up what his house or sign position indicates.

Interpretation for our example and summary:

Rahu's ruler is Mars, who is in the 9th house together with Saturn. This means that he will make a radical cut with the parents or the tradition in order to build up his material security and self-worth in such a way that they help him to develop more inner strength and individuality, in order to ultimately achieve real material security and To have self-worth, which he has not yet fully succeeded in doing.

Mars shows a very hard cut here, which he also makes with his 1st wife (Mars rules the 7th house point, Saturn stands for separation, the 9th house for marriage). Mars also rules the home, Saturn stands for loss, so he gives up his home several times in order to be able to pursue this desire to become independent and really safe. Saturn and Mars in conjunction show a radical cut here, which his parents (9th house), especially the father, should not have liked, but which also had a karmic cause in the fact that Scott Nearing in past lives according to the ideas of dominant father had to stay in line with the system.

The quality of Mars now also shows how successful he will be with Rahu in Scorpio or the 2nd house with it. Mars is not in a good position here, it is injured by Saturn, it is in the 8th when viewed from Rahu, it is in Gemini under the sign of its natural enemy Mercury, the dignity is only "neutral". However, the house position is good and Saturn is also in a Raja-Yoga with Mars and Mars also benefits from it because Saturn is a Yogakaraka for Libra ascendant, you see, there is also good news to report (we had this in the yoga chapter discussed). This means that Scott Nearing is permeating radical breaks that strain his relationship with his parents and cost him his home etc., but that he can find more to his true self and his purpose (9th house).

But one can learn much, much more about the developmental tasks for consciousness from the analysis of Rahu and Ketu. Often these are in conjunction with other planets, which makes these planets particularly important. Rahu and Ketu are also always being aspected by other planets. For example, with Scott Nearing, Jupiter as ruler of the 3rd and 6th house points aspects the Rahu and Jupiter himself is of an excellent quality. This indicates that at certain stages Rahu is also trying to learn his lessons in very meaningful ways. This can indicate that the development of his material security is strongly influenced by his benevolent will (Jupiter as ruler of the 3rd house point) and his intelligent struggle for existence (Jupiter rules the 6th house point).

But also the positions of the lunar nodes in the additional horoscopes, the so-called "Vargas", offer many other areas of self-analysis as well as their positions in transit and their triggers in the corresponding planetary phases.