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How to clean and polish the coral

How to clean, store and polish coral jewelry. Here are some useful tips for those who want a brilliant coral ♦ ︎
The coral jewelry is very beautiful. But how are they cleaned? And how can you store coral jewelry? Here are the tips for cleaning and storing your coral jewelry.
The coral. Before figuring out how to clean and hold coral, it's good to make a premise. Coral is commonly thought of as a single material. But that's not the case: it's made up of thousands of tiny little identical organisms genetically called polyps (they're obviously not polyps with tentacles and suckers): their calcium carbonate secretions form a solid structure. This is to be understood why corals are so unique, but also very delicate. However, like pearls, you often have to wear coral.

Opaque coral. Over time, the coral can often become opaque. The brilliance of the newly purchased piece of jewelry disappears and remains a reflection-free surface. This is because the superficial coral polishing that was obtained during the processing of the artisan who made the jewel has been removed from everyday use. To ruin the corals, sweat, skin acidity, and cosmetic substances are the most important. So if you want to wear a coral necklace, keep it away from body creams, perfumes, and deodorants. Another tip: Avoid keeping the corals in sunlight, temperatures that are too high can ruin them. Better keep the coral gem in a drawer.

Cleaning process. Coral is a delicate material and should be handled with care. One of the ways to clean the coral is to soak it in a pool of water that has dissolved a few drops of detergent. Some recommend ammonia, but it must be used with caution because it can ruin the gem. After bathing the coral for about half an hour, you can use a cloth or cotton swab to remove the dirt washed out by washing.

How to polish the coral. If the coral is very damaged, the polishing is the same as that of the origin, it is best to turn to an orfice. Another less risky method is to use plain olive oil: pour a few drops on a soft cloth and run the fabric over the coral. To prevent it from becoming opaque, you can not rub the coral too vigorously twice a year in a cotton cloth, perhaps soaked with liquid wax. With a necklace, it's also a good habit to change the inner thread to the jewel every two or three years.