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Budget plan: what a wedding costs and where you can save

No sooner have all the questions been asked than the planning phase begins. Most of us already have very precise ideas about what the wedding should look like. The problem: the costs! Because it quickly becomes clear: a wedding is really expensive. And mostly the costs for location, catering & Co. are much higher than expected.

So that you know how high your wedding budget has to be and where you can save, we give you an overview of the costs of a wedding and reveal how much German couples spend on average on their big day.

What does a wedding cost?

German wedding couples can cost a lot for the most beautiful day in their lives: According to the study "How Germany Marries", around 30 percent of wedding couples pay between 10,000 and 15,000 euros for their dream wedding.

And still just under a quarter of those surveyed spent 6,000 to 10,000 euros - and these costs do not include a honeymoon.

In order to calculate the costs for your dream wedding, you should first set your maximum budget. Because in principle there is no upper limit for weddings. So ask yourself: What can our wedding cost?

Important here: You should never go into debt for your wedding. Because that can put a heavy strain on your marriage. So be realistic when setting your wedding budget. If you only have 5000 euros available, you shouldn't plan a wedding with 100 guests in a castle. Even cheap weddings can be a dream!

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What does a wedding cost? The most important budget items at a glance

In principle, there is no upper limit at a wedding. Your wedding costs can therefore range from a few hundred euros to tens of thousands of euros. For your calculation, however, we have compiled a rough overview of the most important cost items and their average costs:

Location€ 150 to € 3,000
eat€ 300 to € 10,000
beverages€ 150 to € 1,500
wedding dress€ 600 to € 6,000
Wedding suit€ 400 to € 1,500
Stationery (without postage)45 to 500 €
DJ / band500 to 2000 €
photographer€ 400 to € 2,500
Video€ 250 to € 3,000
Wedding rings€ 600 to € 2,000
Flower decoration€ 100 to € 500
Make up€ 85 to € 350
Registry office50 to 180 €
Church feesabout 50 €
Wedding car€ 300 to € 800
Dance class100 to 200 €

Determine the cost of the wedding

So the first step is to set your maximum budget. This is followed by the distribution of the budget across different cost blocks for the wedding. To make it easy for you to do that, we have one Cost plan with which you can keep an eye on the various areas of the overall budget as well as the individual points.

You can simply download and print out the budget planner for the wedding:

Planning a wedding: Expect higher costs

No matter which bride and groom you speak to, most of them will confirm one thing: The wedding celebration will end up being more expensive than planned at the beginning.

The reason for this is not only forgotten items, a few more wedding guests or simply increased, incalculable costs for an expense can correct the overall budget.

Therefore, the following applies: Always leave some room for improvement in the overall budget so that you never go to the limits of your actually available budget.

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Per capita budget: This is what the wedding costs per guest

Wedding costs are now often calculated per person or with a so-called per capita budget. Contrary to many opinions, the costs actually explode with the growing number of guests, as each guest has a separate price for invitations, drinks, food and goodies. Such as gifts for guests or transport costs.

Average serve as a guideline 100-150 euros per person, but of course this depends on the needs of the bride and groom.

Danger: The per capita costs do not correspond to your total budget. In addition to the costs that you estimate for your guests. These are mostly location, food, drinks, the wedding cake, but also guest gifts - there are other expenses that are independent of the number of guests.

This includes service providers such as DJs, photographers or a camera team, but also the wedding dress, the suit, the rings, etc.

Band or DJ: What does the music cost at the wedding?

Even if it sounds tempting to create a Spotify playlist yourself: You shouldn't skimp on the background music for your wedding. Because music is one of the most important factors that determine whether the wedding will be perfect.

The prices for the music, i.e. for bands or wedding DJs, vary greatly depending on experience, quality and equipment. But here in particular it is worth investing a little more money.

Whether a band or DJ suits you and your wedding, you should definitely clarify in advance through a conversation. Then you can also request the prices directly and compare them with your budget.

Tip: You can find more practical tips and information on the subject of "music for weddings" on the website of professional wedding DJ Markus Rosenbaum.

Tip: Obtain a cost estimate with costs per person

In order to get a more detailed overview of the costs of the wedding, it is advisable to obtain a cost estimate in advance, which includes the costs per person. So you can use your budget to calculate how many guests you can invite.

tip: Just don't get the idea of ​​inviting more guests than you can entertain, in the hope that many will cancel. Experience has shown that very few people cancel an invitation to the wedding. So calculate with an acceptance rate that borders close to 100 percent - over 95 percent is realistic.

Calculating wedding costs: These rules of thumb will help

It is often said that you only have to double the costs for the location and thus calculate how much the wedding will cost in the end. However, this is not entirely true. It is true that the location is often the highest item, but this value cannot simply be doubled.

This is because the prices for items such as clothing and rings, but also for service providers, fluctuate too much. In the end, the costs depend on the tastes and wishes of the bride and groom.

However, if you still want a rough guide, you can Take the per capita budget times the number of guests - and should really include all costs for the guests in this - and then double this amount.

Cost example: With 70 guests and a per capita budget of 150 euros, you get a value of 21,000 euros.

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Important: Prioritize the costs of the wedding

While you are creating a cost plan, it makes sense to provide the individual items with a small note with which you can prioritize them. For example, write after each item whether it is a must-have, i.e. whether it is absolutely necessary, or a nice-to-have - in other words, desirable, but not absolutely necessary.

You can also make a third "maybe" note, with items to think about if you end up finding that you have enough budget to do so. This helps you to prioritize better and save unnecessary costs.

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