How to erect a stepladder

Step chair: photos, videos, drawings

The stepladder is a universal and very useful device for improvised farm work. It is difficult to imagine that if repairs are made at a height of one meter above human height, or if an abundant crop of trees is harvested, a replacement will be found for it. The fact that this can be done without specific knowledge, as well as without wasting significant time, adds to the perception of a step stool. In addition, there is a stepladder, stool and chair of various types, which will be discussed in the article. For a general visual presentation, watch a specific video:

To fix the design of the stepladder, you will need carpenter glue, nails, loops with corners, as well as the desire to make a chair or stool. You will need a specific set of tools and materials to make a stepladder stool chair. Among them:

  • Boards or very durable plywood;
  • drill;
  • Puzzle;
  • Sander;
  • Hammer;
  • Chisel.

DIY stair stool ↑

A general schematic view of such a stool in the finished form and a drawing (you can already do it yourself):

We don't know exactly in whose head the idea of ​​“crossing” stairs and stools, but we can only be delighted with the ingenuity of this special person, whose invention - the stepladder stool - helped a large number of people in the household. A stool can be useful in a kitchen, pantry, or similar location where it is problematic, but still necessary, to reach the tallest shelves with your height.

Such a stool ladder can be made with your own hands from improvised materials. This article will teach you how to make a stool - a ladder that you can use to climb the upper shelves ..

First you need to take the starting material for the stepladder. For example, old window frames are used as the starting material. The tree from which such products were made is perfectly preserved. All thanks to a generous coating with a thick layer of paint to protect against negative influences. However, they should be carefully examined - as a rule, the boards that make up the sides of the window frames are already drying out and becoming an unreliable material for creativity.

After preparing the tree for the construction of the stool staircase, the first thing you need to do with your own hands is to assemble a seat that you can continue to navigate while creating the entire stool. The seat should be quite high (over 2 cm) and also quite a large size for you to sit on. Here it is better to choose a size of 35 * 35 centimeters.

The legs of the stool should be about half a meter in length, wide enough to provide proper emphasis on the floor and the ability to support a person's weight.

In order to connect the components of the stool and not to let them fall apart the first time it is loaded, it is necessary to attach the legs of the stool ladder to the seat with your own hands.

The step is carried out on the principle that the stool according to the above drawing with only one difference that its dimensions are smaller than the stool stairs. As you can see, the diagram shows that one pair of chair legs is shorter than the other. A hole with a diameter of 12 millimeters must be made for this shorter pair of chair legs. It is necessary for the bars on which the whole structure rotates.

To fix it, holes for screws are drilled near the rod hole. Screw the rods into the holes for the stool intended for them, making sure their centers are equidistant from the legs of the stool.

In order to ensure increased stability of the step, the pivot point must be machined well so that it is good not only when it is open but also when it is folded. It is necessary to drill and fix another wooden board from the lower edge of the leg of the stool ladder to its cross.

To remove aesthetically unattractive hats from screws, these can be glued with glue and then cut off with a hacksaw. Because of the visual similarity, they won't really contrast in color.

Do-it-yourself armchair ↑

This home use article is designed, among other things, to accomplish the necessary things. "Necessary" things, order things for which there is not enough growth. A step stool has a lot to do with a stool ladder, except that in a more familiar state, the design is not like a stool but like a chair. The obvious advantages of the chair are listed below:

  • The stepladder and chair do not have to be stored separately.
  • An armchair can be used as a seat for everyday life.
  • With just one movement of the above design, you can convert it from a chair to a stepladder to make the necessary small repairs or to get something from a considerable height.
  • the use of a chair not only in the apartment, but also in summer houses, outbuildings, pantries, etc .;
  • the availability of manufacture and the ability to choose the material from which the chair will be made.

And here is actually the scheme of the chair mentioned earlier:

What is the manufacturing process for such a stepladder? It is required in the following order to complete the procedure:

  • First, the main support of the chair is made. Generally it will be shown on the left.
  • then the rest of the seat is made with the back of the ladder chair. The back of the chair shouldn't be whole, but should have free space to put your foot on.
  • In the upper part of the chair structure, in the middle, hinges are attached like on the door.
  • Check the functionality of the chair design and its correct implementation and follow the scheme. If everything works as it should, you should get a high quality stepladder when turning the chair 180 degrees. When something is not smooth, you have to look for a problem and solve it until the desired result is achieved.

Do-it-yourself stepladder ↑

On the features of making such a useful tool in the household as a stepladder, I recommend that you watch the video:

What is the universality of application and use of such a stepladder stool? The fact that it can be used in many situations, namely a chair, can be:

  • Wrinkles;
  • Transformer;
  • stationary.

Folding stools are more convenient in practical use in living rooms where there is little space. A transformer is such a stool that can be transformed into a full-fledged stepladder in one movement. A stationary step stool is when the legs are at a significant slope and have transverse siding, any of which can be used as a step. The drawing diagram of a stepladder looks like this:

Explanation of the stepladder chair scheme:

The extreme legs of the stool should be placed so that they rest on the floor at a 90 degree angle and are long at a 70-80 degree angle. At the same time, their base should be firmly on the ground. Long legs are linked together by three pieces of wood so that they play the role of steps. Before doing this, a specific recess must be engraved for each step into which they will be inserted. For the fortress, they are filled with wood glue and plugged with nails.

Then attach the straps to the shorter legs of the stool stepladder. For greater reliability, they are mounted in this way: one below and one above, and another - diagonally on the legs of the stool. To fix the design of the stool diagonally, small and large legs are connected on both sides.

Here are three step-by-step guides on how to design a stepladder, stool, and chair of your choice. But a stepladder, chair or stool is not enough to put it together, you still have to take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible. This is achieved through additional processing after the chair or stool is assembled without putting it in a long drawer. As a protective treatment, an antiseptic impregnation with additional moisture resistance, drying oil, stain, varnish or paint is used. In order to avoid jamming during the arrangement of the stairs of the stepladder-stool-chair, all hinges and all rotating parts must be lubricated with oil and, with regular use, lubricated with a certain amount of time.