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Laboratory Laboratory Dictionary

Theodor C. H. Cole

Laboratory Dictionary German / English English / German With a preface by Professor Dr. Michael Wink



Dipl. Rer. nat. Theodor C. H. Cole Heidelberg

[email protected]

Library of Congress Control Number: 2004116528

ISBN 3-540-23419-5 Springer Berlin Heidelberg New York This work is subject to copyright. All rights are reserved, whether the whole or part of the material is concerned, specifically the rights of translation, reprinting, reuse of illustrations, recitation, broadcasting, reproduction on microfilm or in any other way, and storage in data banks. Duplication of this publication or parts thereof is permitted only under the provisions of the German Copyright Law of September 9, 1965, in its current version, and permission for use must always be obtained from Springer. Violations are liable for prosecution under the German Copyright Law.

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To “My Old School” Gymnasium Englisches Institut, Heidelberg at the occasion of its 60th anniversary and to its founder Gladys E. Fischer and her daughter Ellis Neu and to the teachers who encouraged and believed in us

Preface Anyone who has ever tried to translate a special text in the field of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry or biotechnology from German into English or in the opposite direction will at some point have to consult a dictionary. But even the better and more extensive dictionaries that are available today often do not know the desired word or often suggest a wrong or ambiguous translation. Students, but also experienced scientists and lecturers in biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy and chemistry face this difficulty. Theodor C.H. Cole closes this gap with the present “Labor / Laboratory Dictionary”. Like no other author, he is equipped for this task: As an American who has lived and taught in Germany for many years, he speaks both languages ​​equally well. Since he also studied biology, chemistry and physics in Berkeley and Heidelberg and gained relevant experience as a translator and dictionary author, he is familiar with the technical terms in both languages. This dictionary contains over 12,000 of the relevant terms that are used every day in a biological, biochemical and chemical laboratory. But there are also many terms that are needed in the broader scientific context of the tests and experiments carried out in the laboratory. This precise and up-to-date dictionary complements the series of existing dictionaries in an exemplary manner - it should not be missing in any laboratory or office. Prof. Dr. Michael Wink

University of Heidelberg

Foreword Anyone attempting to translate the specialty literature of cell or molecular biology, biochemistry, or biotechnology from German to English or vice versa will inevitably find him / herself in need of consulting a dictionary. Even the advanced and extensive dictionaries available on the market today will often lack the desired term or propose an incorrect or ambiguous translation. According to difficulties are encountered especially by students, but also by experienced scientists and educators in biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, and chemistry. Theodor C.H. Cole manages to fill this gap with his new "Laboratory Dictionary". More than any other author, he is suited for this task: as an American, having lived and taught in Germany for many years, he equally masters both languages. As he also studied biology, chemistry, and physics in Berkeley and Heidelberg and has gained considerable experience as a translator and author of other dictionaries, he is familiar with the corresponding specialty terminology in English and German. This dictionary contains some 12,000 relevant terms which are used daily in biological, biochemical and chemical labs. A great number of terms required in the broader scientific context of lab experiments and research are also included. This concise and timely dictionary perfectly supplements those dictionaries currently available on the market - no lab or office should be without it. Prof. Dr. Michael Wink

University of Heidelberg

Foreword The English language has a permanent place in the laboratory. In the natural sciences, a basic knowledge of English is a prerequisite. Catalogs, instructions for use, descriptions of experiments, textbooks and original research reports are often only available in English. The newcomer to the laboratory will be amazed at the many Anglicisms in the laboratory language, but later perhaps not even wonder whether there are any corresponding German terms - at least not until the point in time at which he is faced with the problem, the completed laboratory work to be written in German. But there are also other reasons to consult a “dictionary laboratory”: The initiative for this dictionary came about during the preparation of an academy for young scientists for a research stay in the USA. The participants spoke good everyday English, but they still needed additional knowledge for the English "laboratory language". However, a corresponding dictionary still had to be created. This is how the basis for the present dictionary came about. The “Laboratory Dictionary” should be just as useful for English-speaking visiting scholars in Germany as it is for laboratory technicians, technical assistants, researchers who do research and writing, students and translators. In the laboratory, the safe and responsible handling of "fire, air and water" - as well as microorganisms, plants and animals - is one of the basic tools for successful research and teaching. Everyone who goes to a laboratory abroad should therefore prepare thoroughly in terms of language, as efficient communication in this area can often save lives. For reading and understanding instructions, reports and “cooking recipes”, or for evaluating and documenting research results, we are actually always dependent on dictionaries in everyday laboratory work. This dictionary is intended to provide support here, even if it cannot always replace the use of large dictionaries with a broader vocabulary. This specialist dictionary contains a basic vocabulary for general laboratory terminology. With 12,000 terms in each language direction, it offers the most important German and English keywords for the areas: Laboratory equipment and furnishings Laboratory construction, sanitary, electrical, ventilation Laboratory supplies (accessories, devices, tools, laboratory glass) Basic chemicals (general raw materials) Laboratory safety (occupational and personal protection , Emergencies and precaution) methods and analytics

X word fields. In order to enable a coherent topic processing, to increase the "hit probability" in the word search and thus to make the work easier, we use a concept of thematic term collection (clusters), which is also used in American dictionaries under the respective superordinate main keywords, in addition to the usual alphabetical order. Thematically related terms are summarized in word fields, even if the individual terms do not contain the main keyword itself. For example, all the relevant safety-related terms can be found under the main keyword hazard designations; all chromatography processes appear under the main entry Chromatography, all types of filters, flasks, pipettes, tweezers, pumps, shakers, valves, scales, etc. under the respective main keyword - in addition to the alphabetically arranged entries. This provides a clear overview and work comfort. In other dictionaries, each term would have to be looked up individually. The spelling is based on the American spelling according to Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edn., Or Wahrig German Dictionary, 6th edition, i.e. the German spelling reform was taken into account. The "c" spelling of Latin and Greek derived German terms is preferred, e.g. cyclic versus cyclic. Acknowledgments. I would like to thank Dr. Ingrid Haußer-Siller (University of Heidelberg), Dr. Willi Siller (University of Heidelberg) and Dr. Dietrich Schulz (UBA, Berlin) and Dan Choon (Heidelberg) for helping with the technical implementation. My thanks also go to the participants in the “San Francisco Academy 2003” in Heidelberg - especially Michael Breckwoldt, cand. Med. (Munich), Laura Michel, cand. Med. (Munich) and Samuel Bandara, B.A. (Heidelberg) - for inspiration and the successful joint project. My very special appreciation goes to my wife Erika Siebert-Cole for her technical competence and help with the German language, the review of the final version of the manuscript as well as for the decisive encouragement in the critical phases of the book-writing. Special thanks also to my cousin Cliff Cole (Sacramento, California) for his always confident moral support. I am very grateful to the employees of “Planning Chemistry” at Springer-Verlag for the many years of positive cooperation. Dr. With experience, patience and encouragement, Marion Hertel was always open to the project and its author and enabled the creation of another dictionary in a pleasant working atmosphere - an exciting and pleasant time. It's actually a shame that it is over!

Heidelberg, early 2005

Theodor C.H. Cole

Preface The internationalization of science has led to the use of English as the general language of communication - a structurally simple language, with an enormous vocabulary. Laboratory English seems to be a language of its own - at times quite incomprehensible to outsiders. “Laboratory slang” consists of neologisms, colloquialisms, contractions, acronyms, brandnames. Foreigners arriving in an English-speaking laboratory may be quite puzzled with fleas, pigs, fuge, frige, policeman, bogie, dolly, elbows, daisy-chains, PCR, fleakers - and “fuzzy logic”. Those who intend to work in laboratories abroad are well advised to consider a language preparatory course. There is a wealth of technical laboratory terms to be learned by the non-natives speaker in the lab, if only for the reason of survival: safety precautions and proper behavior in case of emergencies require instant response and efficient communication. The idea for writing this book arose from my involvement as a consultant to a “San Francisco Academy” for a dozen young German college students from Heidelberg. For our language preparatory course I needed to decide on a list of “essential terminology” - as no adequate book was available on the German market at the time. Now, the "Laboratory Dictionary", which is an extension of that early list, fills this gap providing the basic vocabulary to assist its users in improving their laboratory language skills. This “Laboratory Dictionary” contains some 12,000 terms from all walks of laboratory life, emphasizing:

Facility engineering (electricity, plumbing, ventilation) Equipment & supplies Glassware, tools, apparatus Servicing, maintenance, repair Ordering, shipment, delivery Analytics (methods & procedures) Chemicals (general reactants) Safety (precautions & emergencies)

The new German orthography rules have been taken into account according to Wahrig Deutschesverzeichnis, 6th edn., The English orthography following the American according to Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edn. We hope this dictionary may serve you as a useful tool in your research, in writing publications, and for translations.

XII Acknowledgments. Dr. Ingrid Haußer-Siller (Department of Dermatology, EM-Laboratory, Heidelberg University Clinic) kindly reviewed the manuscript and made valuable suggestions. Dr. Willi Siller (Biological Safety Officer, University of Heidelberg) and Dr. Dietrich Schulz (Acad.Dir., Agr.Dept., UBA, Berlin) have offered welcome advise. Dan Choon, cand. Phys. (University of Heidelberg) converted the raw data into an appealing layout. The participants of the Heidelberg “San Francisco Academy 2003” provided inspiration and impetus - and special thanks for a rewarding friendship to Michael Breckwoldt, cand. Med. (Munich), Laura Michel, cand. Med. (Munich), and Samuel Bandara, B.A. (Heidelberg). Dr. Marion Hertel, Senior Editor of Chemistry at Springer, Heidelberg, has been a brilliant partner and I commend her for the encouragement and energy she devoted to implementing this project - and thanks to Jörn Mohr for editorial assistance. Erika Siebert-Cole, M.A. has readily shared her knowledge, time, inspiration, and an intricate sense of the German language - bearing with me through quite many strict and euphoric moments in the bookwriting process. Thanks to my cousin Cliff Cole, of Sacramento, California, for his steadily positive moral support. My gratitude is wholeheartedly expressed to family and friends who helped and provided encouragement throughout this 5th dictionary project.

Heidelberg, early in 2005

Theodor C.H. Cole

Abbreviations - Abbreviations sg pl adv-adj n vb f m nt

Singular - singular plural - plural adverb-adjective - adverb-adjective noun (noun) - noun verb - verb female - feminine male - masculine neuter - neuter

analyt generalg - general biot centrif chem chromat comp dest - dist dial ecol electr electroph gen geol immun lab math mech med micb micros neuro opt photo physiol spectr stat tech vir

Analytics - general analytics - general biotechnology - biotechnology centrifugation - centrifugation chemistry - chemistry chromatography - chromatography data processing - computing distillation - distillation dialysis - dialysis ecology - ecology electrics-electronics - electrics-electronics electrophoresis - electrophoresis genetics - genetics geology - geology immunology - immunology laboratory - laboratory mathematics - mathematics mechanics - mechanics medicine - medical science microbiology - microbiology microscopy - microscopy neurobiology - neurobiology optics - optics photography - photography physics - physics physiology - physiology spectroscopy - spectroscopy statistics - statistics technology - technology virology - virology

German English


1 breakdown (decomposition / breakdown) degradation,

decomposition, breakdown; (of an apparatus) disassembly, dismantling, dismantlement, takedown biological degradation / biodegradation

biodegradation enzymatic degradation

enzymatic digestion metabolic degradation digestion;

degradative metabolism, catabolism degradability, decomposability biodegradability

reduce biodegradability (decompose) degrade,

decompose, break down; (Apparatus / experimental device) disassemble (take equipment apart) show degradation product opt ​​image; (project) project image (in a trade journal / book)

figure, illustration Image scale / lateral enlargement / aspect ratio / side scale

set lateral magnification (become firm / stiff) set Abbrand burning, burn-up, burn-off;

consumption; scalding loss; (Residue during roasting) cinder evaporate / evaporate evaporate evaporating dish evaporating dish sealability sealability sealing seal off, make tight, make leakproof, insulate sealing seal, sealing; (Cuff) gasket imprint (surface imprint: EM) micros replica genetic fingerprint / fingerprinting fingerprinting,

genetic fingerprinting, (DNA fingerprinting) flare flare, burn off

Flare flare, flaring off waste, trash, refuse Hazardous waste / hazardous waste

hazardous waste Waste with a biological hazard potential

biohazardous waste trash can;

waste container, litter bin waste disposal / waste disposal

waste disposal Waste Disposal Act / Waste Disposal Act (AbfG)

waste disposal law, waste disposal act Waste pretreatment

waste pretreatment stain stain, bleed flame / 'flambé' (sterilize) flame outflow discharge, outflow,

efflux, draining off; (Drain, e.g. at the sink) free drain unblock clogged blocked, clogged, choked sink sink, basin laxative laxative delivery / submission (results etc.)

delivery, handing in, dropoff delivery pulse (pump) discharge stroke delivery date / delivery date / deadline deadline exhaust fumes expired (expiry date)

expired, outdated beveled / beveled (cannula tip / tweezers etc.)

beveled, beveled pour / decant (drain)

pour off, decant; (drain) adjustment equalization, adjustment,

balancing, balance; alignment; adjust tuning adjust, equalize; align, tune trimming / flanging deburr cast (at the sink)

Pour drain (of the sink) into the drain

pour down the drain

From collection (delivery etc.) pickup wire stripper bend / bevel (metal / tweezers / cannulas / glass etc.) bevel clarifying bottle / decanter decanter boil / boil off decoct decoction / decoction / decoction cool down cool down, get cooler cooling time / cooling phase / Fall time (autoclave)

cool-down period, cooling time to length (with glass tube cutter)

size, cut into discreet length drain drain, discharge;

(Reduce pressure) relieve, vent drain cock / drain cock

draincock (faucet / spigot) drain drain; (Drain board / plate on the sink) drainboard; (Outflow: outlet point of a liquid) outlet; (liquid flowing out) effluent expiry date / expiry date

expiration date let expire drain carry off, drain, discharge;

(divert) deflect supply, feed, pipe in, let in discharge (of liquids)

discharge, drainage, outlet supplying, feeding, inlet deflection deflection deflection voltage

2 Exhaust system / exhaust air system

exhaust system, off-gas system exhaust duct exhaust duct exhaust system exhaust system deregister, sign out

('unsubscribe' in writing) measure, size Dimensions (height / width / depth)

dimensions (height / width / depth) acceptance (of a laboratory after construction)

commissioning, certification Abpackung pack, Abrauchen package

fuming; (evaporate) evaporate depletion

depletion, stripping, downgrading slipping / slipping slip suction (liquid) draw off,

suction off, siphon off, evacuate off turn off, shut off,

switch off; (Computer: shut down) power down turn on turn on, switch on; (Computer: start up) power up shutdown shutoff automatic A. auto-shutoff shut-off valve shut-off valve separator separator, precipitator, settler, trap, catcher, collector water separator

shield water separator, water trap (from radiation)

shield (from radiation)

deflection voltage sweep voltage sweep voltage readable readable readability (scales) readability

Shielding (from radiation)

Reading error

Tourniquet skim off, scoop off / up deterring turn away, repel, reject;

reading error, false reading Accuracy reading accuracy Reading device direct-reading instrument Reading mark

reading reference point, index mark read (off / from) reading / reading (device / measured values)

reading, readout Abluft exhaust, exhaust air, waste air, extract air

shielding (from radiation)

fusion tube, melting tube

polym quench straining strain separate / separate out (liquids)

exude, secrete, discharge Absorbanz (extinction)

absorbance, absorbancy (extinction: optical density)


3 absorb / absorb

soak up, absorb absorption absorption absorption index

absorbance index, absorptivity absorption coefficient

absorption coefficient absorbents

absorbent, absorbant absorption spectrum

absorption spectrum, dark-line spectrum absorption capacity / absorption capacity / absorption capacity absorbency barrier tape / marking tape

barricade tape stopcock / stopcock stopcock shut-off / barrier / lock / barricade

barrier, barricade shut-off valve shut-off valve Keep your distance (equipment / furniture etc.) clearance! keep clear! Spacer / spacer / spacer spacer descending (DC) descending Storage room / storage room

Dishwashing water / rinsing water dishwater wastewater wastewater, sewage raw sewage wastewater tax law

wastewater charges act wastewater treatment

sewage treatment sewer / sewer

sewer, sanitary sewer deviate from ... deviate from ... deviation deviation;

(Aberration) aberration standard deviation

standard deviation statistical deviation

Weigh statistical deviation (a subset) weigh out wipe, wipe off, wipe clean squeegee / squeegee (window wiper / floor wiper)

squeegee squeegee / squeegee

squeegee (for windows) squeegee / water squeegee (floor wiper) squeegee (for floors) extractor hood,

fume hood, fume cupboard (Br)

storeroom, storage room repellent repellent, repellant scraper / squeegee (rubber) squeegee smear med swab; micros smear smear med to take a swab

A. walk-in hood downdraft bench

defrost (fridge / freezer)

Laboratory workbench


vertical flow workstation (hood / unit) glove box / glove protection chamber

glove box laboratory / lab bench

Removal / removal

Cross flow bank

transporting away; removal separate separate separation separation; (Partition: spatial) partition

laminar flow workstation, laminar flow hood, laminar flow unit Rauchabzug fume hood

Stripping column / stripping column

dest stripping column stripping section (lower part of the column)

dest stripping section draining board / drain board drainboard draining rack draining rack colander waste heat waste heat

Clean room workbench

clean-room bench suction air extractor forced-draft hood safety workbench clean bench sterile workbench sterile bench exhaust chimney exhaust stack exhaust opening / air slot vent branch chromate split branch valve chromate split valve

Ac acetaldehyde / ethanal acetaldehyde,

acetic aldehyde, ethanal acetate / acetate (acetic acid / ethanoic acid)

acetate (acetic acid / ethanoic acid) acetoacetic acid (acetoacetate) / 3-oxobutyric acid

acetoacetic acid (acetoacetate), acetylacetic acid, diacetic acid acetone (acetone) / propan-2-one / 2-propanone / dimethyl ketone

4 reducer (laboratory glass / hose)

reducer, reducing adapter, reduction adapter Foam breaker attachment / splash guard attachment (kickback protection) dest

antisplash adapter, splash-head adapter hose adapter

acetone, dimethyl ketone, 2-propanone agate mortar agate mortar

tubing adapter

achromatic condenser

Septum adapter

micros achromatic condenser, achromatic substage achromatic objective micros achromatic objective

septum inlet adapter

Axle bearings / axle bearings / journal bearings (e.g. for ball bearings) journal octagonal plugs

octa-head stopper, octagonal stopper acidity / acidity / acidity acidity acridine dye acridine dye acrylic glass acrylic glass adapter adapter, fitting (s) bellows bellows distillation adapter

receiver adapter udder template / distributor template / 'spider' dest cow receiver adapter,

'pig', multi-limb vacuum receiver adapter (receiving adapter for three / four receiving flasks)

Hose-pipe connector

pipe-to-tubing adapter drip catcher

drip catcher, drip catch; splash trap, antisplash adapter (distillation apparatus); (Kickback protection: cooler / rotary evaporator etc.) splash / antisplash adapter, splash-head adapter transition piece

adapter, connector, transition piece Transition piece with lateral offset

offset adapter vacuum filtration advance

vacuum-filtration adapter Vacuum inlet vacuum adapter Submission distillation receiver adapter, receiving flask adapter Two-necked attachment

two-neck (multiple) adapter

Expansion piece (laboratory glass)

Addition connection

expansion adapter, enlarging adapter

addition compound (of two compounds), additive compound (saturation of multiple bonds) wire end sleeve, electr wire end sleeve, wire end ferrule

Filter advance

adapter for filter funnel core / thread adapter

cone / screwthread adapter creep protection adapter dest anticlimb adapter elbow (laboratory glass)

bend, bent adapter needle adapter

syringe connector

Ferrule pliers / crimping pliers

crimping pliers, crimper tourniquet / tourniquet / bandage / tourniquet

tourniquet adsorbent / adsorbent



5 agar agar blood agar agar diffusion test

agar diffusion test agar culture medium agar medium agarose agarose agar plate agar plate agent / agent (pl agents) agent intercalating agent

intercalating agent cross-linking agent

cross linker, crosslinking agent physical state

physical state fixed state

solid state liquid state

liquid state gaseous state

gaseous state awl awl, pricker; Reamer (reamer) airlift reactor / pneumatic reactor (mammoth pump reactor)

airlift reactor, pneumatic reactor battery acid / accumulator acid

accumulator acid, storage battery acid (electrolyte) actinic actinic activated carbon activated carbon acceptor stem biochem (protein synthesis)

acceptor stem alarm alarm; alert false alarm false alarm fire alarm fire alarm test alarm / test distress alarm

drill, emergency drill alarm system alarm system alert alert alert (fire brigade etc.) call, alert alarm signal alarm signal alarm siren

alarm siren, air-raid siren alert level

emergency level, alert level alum / aluminum sulfate alum

Aldehyde aldehyde acetaldehyde / ethanal

acetaldehyde, acetic aldehyde, ethanal anisaldehyde

anisic aldehyde, anisaldehyde formaldehyde / methanal

formaldehyde, methanal glutaraldehyde / glutaraldehyde / pentanedial

glutaraldehyde, 1,5-pentanedione aliquot / aliquot part (substance portion as a fraction of a total amount)

aliquot alkali-resistant / alkali-resistant

alkaliproof alkali blotting alkali blotting alkaline / basic

alkaline, basic alkali etching / base etching

alkali burn alkaloids alkaloids alcohol alcohol ethyl alcohol / ethanol / ethanol (wine spirit)

ethyl alcohol, ethanol (grain alcohol, spirit of wine) isopropyl alcohol / propan-2-ol

isopropyl alcohol, isopropanol, 1-methyl ethanol (rubbing alcohol) methyl alcohol / methanol (wood alcohol)

methanol, methyl alcohol (wood alcohol) propyl alcohol / propan-1-ol

n-propyl alcohol, propanol alcohol series / ascending ethanol series

graded ethanol series Allergen allergen, sensitizer allergic allergic Allergization sensitization All-purpose ... / General purpose ... / Multipurpose ...

all-purpose, general-purpose, utility ... Altöl waste oil, used oil Altpapier waste paper

Al waste materials

existing chemicals / substances

6 initial speed (v0: enzyme kinetics)

new chemicals / substances aluminum (Al) aluminum

initial velocity (vector), initial rate can be colored, dyeable, stainable

Aluminum foil / aluminum foil


New substances

aluminum foil ambulance / emergency room

emergency room Ames test Ames test Amid amide amidation amidation amine amine amination amination Aminoacylation

aminoacylation aminobutyric acid / aminobutyric acid (GABA)

gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) amino acid amino acid amino sugar amino sugar ammonia ammonia ampoule (glass vial)

ampule, ampoule pre-scored skewer ampule

prescored ampule / ampoule office / authority

agency, department; office, bureau analog / functionally identical

analogous analog-to-digital converter

analog-to-digital converter (ADC) Analogie analogy analogize analogize Analogon (pl Analogoga)

analog, analogue analyzer analyzer Analyze analysis (pl analyzes) analytically pure / for analysis

lab reagent grade analytical balance

analyze analytical balance analyze analyte / substance to be analyzed

analyte analytischem analytic (al) St. Andrew's cross (danger sign)

St. Andrew's cross

dyeability, stainability stain dye, stain stain dyeing, staining moisten humidify, prewet employee employee accumulation

accumulation heating time / rise time (autoclave)

preheating time anion exchanger

anion exchanger anisaldehyde

anisic aldehydes, chain anisaldehydes (gas bottles etc.)

chain (to) chain several objects together

daisy-chain system / facility / factory facility

installation (s) start-up phase / latency phase / incubation phase / delay phase / adaptation phase / lag phase

lag phase, latent phase, incubation phase, establishment phase start-up time / reaction time

response time instructions (familiarization) instructions,

training, guidance, directions, lead; (Introduction) introduction (to); (Instructions for use) manual, instructions register register, announce oneself, sign in (write down / register) mandatory registration, obligation to register registration, signing in; (Reception) reception


7 stimulate stimulate, excite stimulation stimulation, excitation enrich enrich; concentrate,

accumulate, fortify enrichment, enrichment,

concentration, accumulation, fortification Enrichment through filters

filter enrichment Enrichment effect / overall effect

cumulative effect enrichment culture

enrichment culture approach (experimental approach / experimental setup)

arrangement, set-up; (Batch) batch; (Method) approach, method; (Preparation) starting material, preparation; Attempt (glass)

attachment, extension (piece)

Connection connection;

(pl connections: fittings / taps) fixture (s), outlet (s); (Gas ~ / electricity ~ / water ~) connection, line (line) electrical connection

electrical fixture (s), electricity outlet supply connections (water / electricity / gas)

service fixtures, service outlets connection line

electr lead, pigtail lead Anschütz attachment Anschütz head sparging device / sparging device (fermentation)

start sparingly (e.g. a solution)

start, prepare, mix, make, set up response time (e.g. measuring device etc.)

response time

Connecting piece

undemanding undemanding, modest,

(Piston) side tubulation, side arm; Acidify (hose) hose connection acidify

demanding demanding,

Suction pulse (pump)

suction stroke intake pipe;

induction pipe, suction pipe suction valve

Switch on induction valve, aspirator valve

turn on, switch on; (Computer: start up) power up turn off turn off, shut off, switch off; (Computer: shut down) power down stop (end point / lock / stop)

stop, limit, detent notice (dangerous goods labeling etc.)

connect placard general fasten (to),

connect (to / with), link (up to); electr connect, hook up, wire to, (make) contact

having low requirements / demands having high requirements / demands infect / infect infectious / infectious / infectious

contagious, infectious lapel light micros

substage illuminator contagion / infection

contagion, infection Infectiousness

infectivity source of infection / source of infection

source of infection Infectiousness / Virulence

virulence angle of attack

angle of attack antagonism antagonism part / half / part moiety application application submitted A.

submittal, submitted application

To drive / drive drive; Move forward

(Locomotion) propulsion propulsion power / motive power

propulsive force drive system

drive system, drive unit drive shaft drive shaft response (to stimulus) response response answer answer; respond instruction assignment, direction (s), directive, instructions; prescription, or user-friendly

user-friendly display (on one device)

display; dial, scale, reading show display, show, read notifyable

obligation to notify, notifiable, reportable indicator / display device

indicator, recording instrument; monitor growing (of a culture) starting to grow (of a culture)

establish, start (a culture) growth medium

starter medium (growth medium)

establishing growth, starting growth ignite ignite, strike, start a fire lighter (gas) striker aperture / opening / muzzle

aperture, opening, orifice aperture diaphragm / condenser diaphragm (iris diaphragm)

condenser diaphragm (iris diaphragm) malic acid (malate)

malic acid (malate) Apiezonfett apiezon grease Apoenzym apoenzyme Aquarium aquarium, fishtank Equivalence point (titration)

end point, point of neutrality arachidonic acid

arachidonic acid, icosatetraenoic acid

8 arachidic acid / arachidic acid / eicosanic acid arachic acid,

arachidic acid, icosanic acid hydrometers (densimeter / lowering balance)

areometer employer employer work flow

sequence of operation working distance micros working

distance (objective-coverslip) work instruction / work regulation

prescribed work procedure, prescribed operating procedure Standard work instructions

standard operating procedure (SOP) working conditions

operating conditions (devices), working conditions (people) Work area

operating range (devices), work area, working range (people)

working pressure (delivery pressure) work surface,

working surface, working area table surface (laboratory table)

countertop, benchtop industrial hygiene smock, gown frock, lab coat industrial medicine

occupational medicine working method work procedure work opening working aperture protection factor for the work opening (workbench)

aperture protection factor (open bench) workload workload worktop / work surface (laboratory / workbench)

countertop, benchtop workplace (place) workplace;

(Position) job work area (spatial)

workspace workplace hygiene

occupational hygiene


9 Workplace concentration, permissible / maximum (DFG: MAK)

permissible workplace exposure; not identical to: (Br) occupational exposure limit (OEL); (US: by ACGIH) threshold limit value (TLV) job security

occupational safety, workplace safety Workplace safety regulations

occupational safety code work area (inside the workbench)

working space work policy

working guideline work step

step in a working procedure occupational safety

occupational protection, workplace protection, safety provisions (for workers) Arbeitsschutzanzug

coverall, boilersuit, protective suit Protective work clothing

workers' protective clothing Health and Safety Ordinance

workplace safety regulations Arbeitsstoff (workplace) agent Work diary logbook Working temperature

operating temperature work table worktable industrial accident

occupational accident employment contract

contract of employment work procedure work procedure / work instruction

prescribed work procedure, prescribed operating procedure for monitoring

monitoring protocol standard work instruction

arithmetic mean

stat arithmetic mean arithmetic growth

arithmetic growth valve (s) (taps in the laboratory / on the sink etc.)

fittings, fixtures, mountings; instruments; connections dashboard / control panel

switchboard, electrical control panel; (in the vehicle) dashboard, dash Aroma (fragrance) aroma, fragrance, (pleasant) odor; (Pleasant taste) flavor, taste (pleasant) Aroma substance

flavoring, aromatic substance aromatic aromatic locking lever

stop lever, arresting lever, locking lever, blocking lever; catch, safety catch locking bolt

locking bolt, locking pin lock / lock

arrest, stop, fix, lock in place / position; block; detent locking screw

locking screw locking tech / mech lock,

locking device; (Latch / snap lock) catch; (e.g. at the microscope) stop arsenic (As) arsenic arsine / arsane / monoarsan arsine artefact artifact, artefact alien (protein) foreign medicament / medicament / medicine

medicine, medication, drug

standard operating procedure (SOP) working hours


Duty cycle (device)

Pharmacy / pharmacy pharmacy

duty cycle


Ar medicinal

drug, medicine, medication non-prescription A.

non-prescription drug prescription A.

prescription drug drug prescription book / pharmacopoeia / official pharmacopoeia

formulary, pharmacopoeia Asbestos asbestos

10 minute ventilation (MV)

minute respiratory volume respiratory protection

breathing protection, respiratory protection

breathing apparatus, respirator protective mask

protection mask, face mask, respirator mask, respirator fine dust mask

blue asbestos, crocidolite

mist (respirator) mask filter cartridge filter cartridge

White asbestos / chrysotile

Escape device / self-rescuer

Blue asbestos / crocidolite

white asbestos, chrysotile, Canadian asbestos Asbestosplatte asbestos board

emergency escape mask

Asbestos dust lung / mountain flax lung / asbestosis

Half mask

asbestosis asbestos cement board (laboratory table)

transite board ash ash ashless (quantitative filter)

ashless (quantitative filter) ascorbic acid (ascorbate)

ascorbic acid (ascorbate) asparagine

asparagine, aspartamic acid aspartic acid (aspartate)

asparagic acid, aspartic acid (aspartate) assembly

assembly Assimilat assimilate assimilation

assimilation, anabolism

Coarse dust mask

dust mask (respirator) half-mask (respirator) Surgical mask / surgical protective mask

surgical mask particle filter A.

particulate respirator full face mask

full-mask (respirator) full vision-A.

full-facepiece respirator full face mask

full-face respirator airways respiratory system airway corrosion

respiratory tract burn, (alkali / acid) caustic burn of the respiratory tract respiratory center respiratory center tidal volume

assimilatory assimilatory assimilate assimilate association coefficient

Ethanol / Ethanol / Ethyl Alcohol / Ethyl Alcohol / 'Alcohol'

stat coefficient of association breath breath breathable inhalable

Ether / ether ether essential oil

Breath poisons / fumigants

Ethylen / Ethylen ethylene breathe breathe, respire breathe out breathe out, exhale breathe in breathe in, inhale atmosphere atmosphere

respiratory toxin, fumigants respiratory mask / respirator

protection mask, face mask, respirator mask, respirator

ethanol, ethyl alcohol, alcohol ethereal oil, essential oil


11 breathing breathing, respiration aerobic breathing

aerobic respiration anaerobic respiration

anaerobic respiration exhalation / exhalation / expiration / exhalation

Atropine atropine attenuation / weakening

attenuation attenuation / weakening (reduce the virulence: with reduced virulence)


Abdominal / diaphragmatic breathing

Attenuation attenuation attractants (pl attractors) / attractant / attractant

abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic respiration

Attrape / model / replica

expiration, exhalation

Chest breathing / thoracic breathing

thoracic respiration, costal breathing inhalation / inhalation / inspiration / inhalation

inspiration, inhalation skin breathing

cutaneous respiration / breathing, integumentary respiration cell respiration

cellular respiration Respiratory poison Respiratory quotient / respiratory quotient

respiratory quotient

attractant mock-up etch vb med cauterize;

metall / tech / micros etch (see: freeze etching); chem (korrodieren) eat into, corrode Ätzen / Ätzung (Korrosion) corrosion; (Etching process) med cauterization; metal / tech / micros etching (see: freeze etching) caustic / caustic / korrosiv chem caustic, corrosive, mordant caustic potash / potassium hydroxide KOH

caustic potash, potassium hydroxide quick lime slaked lime etchant metall / tech / micros etchant;

(Pickling agent) chem caustic agent

Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) atomically contaminated

Caustic soda / sodium hydroxide NaOH

radioactively contaminated atomic / Atom ... atomic

Audit / examination (expert examination)

Atomic Emission Detector (AED)

atomic emission detector (AED) atomic emission spectroscopy (AES)

atomic emission spectroscopy (AES) atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (AFS)

atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (AFS) atomic weight atomic weight atomizer atomizer atomic power / atomic energy

nuclear / atomic power, nuclear / atomic energy nuclear waste atomic number atomic number ATP (adenosine triphosphate)

ATP (adenosine triphosphate)

caustic soda, sodium hydroxide audit processing lab / biot work up, process processing lab / biot work up,

working up, processing, down-stream processing setup (of an experiment)

setup structure

construction, structure, body plan, anatomy structure metabolism / synthesis metabolism

anabolism, synthetic reactions / metabolism aufbauen (Experiment) setting up (assemble the equipment)

Au processing

processing; keep concentration

store, keep, save, preserve storage storage aufdampfen / bedampfen micros

vacuum-metallize collecting basin / collecting container (for chemicals) dunk tank collecting vessel receiver,

receiving vessel, collection vessel

flare-up fill up; (refill) replenish; Fill up the restock up to the edge

top up / off refill refill inflated inflated infusion / infusion infusion brightener / brightener (optical brightener) chem

brightener, brightening agent, clearant, clearing agent (optical brightener) clearing up (structures / relationships) elucidate clearing up (structures / relationships)

elucidation Aufklärungshof / Lysehof / Hof / Plaque

plaque sticker stickers; (Label) label edition (s) jur legal requirements incident light / incident light

epiillumination, incident illumination dissolve chem dissolve; opt resolve high resolution

high-resolution ... low resolution

low-resolution ... resolution chem dissolution; (optical resolution) optical resolution resolution limit opt ​​limit of resolution

12 resolving power opt

resolving power admission / acceptance

acceptance; acquisition recording / writing down / registration

recording, registration recording / image picture, image microscopic A. / microscopic image photo

micrograph, microscopic picture / image recording / taking

uptake / intake; ingestion recording power power input recording time vir acquisition time record (write down / register)

record, register; take up, take in; ingest clean up; mop up (the floor) tidying up clean up, tidy up cleaning up purify attachment (on one device)

attachment, fixture; cap, top soak up / absorb soak up,

absorb, take up, suck up; aspirate absorption

soaking up, absorption absorbent absorptive absorbents / absorbents

absorbent, absorbant slurry chem suspend,


(Suspension) suspension, slurry; (IR / Raman) mull digest chem dissolve, disintegrate, decompose, break up, digest digestion chem dissolution, disintegration, decomposition, digestion cell digestion (opening of the cell membrane)

cell lysis cell fractionation

cell fractionation cell homogenization

cell homogenization


13 aufschmelzen / schmelzen melt inscription placed; (Label) label;

(Letter etc.) address with inscription (label)

labeled Overseer / Guardian

guard, custodian supervision / control

supervision, control split split segregate gene segregate split / open chem

crack, break down, open distribute distribute decompose chem split splitting splitting open chem cracking, opening segregation gen segregation distribution distribution decompose chem splitting ascending afferent, rising; (DC) ascending thawing n thawing thawing vb thaw order (application) application; (Order) or apply

(apply) chromat apply; ('plotten') math / geom plot application stick / applicator

application rod order confirmation

order confirmation

mop up

wipe up; mop up (the floor) growth / offspring

descendants, descendents Record (s) record Safekeeping / administration of A.

recordkeeping elevator (people ~) elevator eye shower

eye-wash fountain eye protection goggles exhalation valve (on the breathing apparatus)

exhalation valve exhale / exether

extract with ether, shake out with ether ausatmen vb expire, exhale, breathe out Ausatmen / Ausatmung / Expiration / Exhalation

expiration, exhalation balance balance (out) yield / yield yield exploit (raw materials)

exploit blow-out pipette

blow-out pipet bleach / bleach bleach;

(passive, e.g. fluorescent dyes) fade bleaching / bleaching bleaching; (passive, e.g. fluorescent dyes) fading

Contract research

Spread / propagation

contract research

spreading, expansion; propagation, dispersal, dissemination

Application / application of chromate

Split / split / fractionate application

separate, fractionate separation / separation / fractionation

separation, fractionation buoyancy

(in water) buoyancy; (in air) lift step energy (MS)

appearance energy grow up coiling vb coil up coiling n coiling

Persistence / durability

endurance, persistence, hardiness, perseverance enduring (resistant)

hardy, persistent, enduring expansion / expansion

expansion expansion / lengthening

extension printout (printer)

printout (from a printer)

au thinning out vb thin thinning out / thinning out

disassemble thinning (glass / experiment set-up)

disconnect, disassemble ausethern extract with ether,

shake out with ether ausbaren / precipitate precipitate Ausfälung / Ausfällung / Fälung / precipitation

precipitation tech discharge,

outflow, efflux, draining off; med discharge, secretion, flux export regulations

execute / carry away / derive export regulations (liquid)

discharge, drain, lead out, lead / carry away executing / leading away / discharging (liquid) efferent discharge passage / discharge channel

duct, passageway output tech / mech / electr output;

(Material / chemicals) issue point, issueing, supplies issueing; (Read out: data) readout output exit; (Escape route) egress; electr output output product

primary product, initial product raw material

starting material, basic material, base material, source material, primary material, parent material, raw material; (Reactant / reactant) reactant output distribution stat initial distribution outgassing to be exposed to degas

to be exposed (to chemicals)


14 pour out pour out, decant pourer dispenser pouring tap tap pouring ring pouring ring pouring spout

spout, nozzle, lip, pouring lip compensation valve relief valve

(pressure-maintaining valve) Equalization time / thermal lagging (autoclave)

setting time anneal roast, calcine; (Glass) anneal spout (sink) sink; (Approach to

Pouring out a liquid) spout pouring spout (canister)

cure / vulcanize nozzle (attachable / detachable) chem

(Polymers) cure, vulcanize curing polym curing Temporary / auxiliary staff

temporary worker (aid / helper / employee / personnel) starve out / cross out gen cross out out cross out gen outcrossing leakage; (Inlet of liquid / gas) outlet leak (liquid)

leak (out), bleed outlet valve plug valve leaching (bottom) leaching (bottom) leaching Auslese / Selektion selection Auslese select;

(sort out) sort out; (Data) read out delivery delivery log off log off trigger (e.g. a reaction) trigger, elicitate; initiate, actuate; electr trip (e.g. fuse) trigger releaser trigger threshold med trigger threshold trigger (reaction)

triggering, elicitation


15 eradicate / eradicate

eliminate, eradicate, extirpate exception / special case

Outside facility outside facility field staff

field representative, field rep

exception, special case

Outer electron

Exemption / special permit

External thread

exceptional permission, special permission fumigants

outer electron external thread, male thread externally / externally / externally

external, extrinsic

fumigant runaways stat outlier

extracellular / extracellular

eradicate / eradicate

expose (expose pollutant / radiation)

eradicate, eliminate, extirpate extermination / eradication med

(e.g. pests) eradication, elimination, extirpation equipment

equipment, appliances, device; accessories, fittings; outfit salting out chromatography

Rinse / swivel out / rinse extracellular expose to (hazardous chemical / radiation)

rinse equipment provisions, furnishings,

equipment, outfit, supplies

salting-out chromatography salting out n salting out salting out vb salt out

Equipment / furniture furnishings extinction

turn off

Exit hatch (escape)

turn off, switch off exit general secrete;

(Crystals) precipitate; (Excreta / excrement) egest, excrete excretion general secretion; (Excretion) egestion, excretion excretions / excreta / excrement

excreta, excretions Exclusion / Exclusion exclusion Detail drawing

cutaway drawing shake out shake out shake out shake out

pour out, empty out; (spill) spill release (e.g. hormones / neurotransmitters)

release swing-bucket rotor centrif

swing-out rotor, swinging-bucket rotor, swing-bucket rotor

extinction, dying out escape hatch unplug, disconnect ejection / injection / extrusion

radiate / emit / emit extrusion

with cross out micb

(e.g. culture) streak, smear, disseminate, disperse,

spread, release scattering dissemination, dispersal,

spreading, releasing smear micb smear smear culture / smear culture micb

streak culture, smear culture outflow efflux outflow / effusion (gas)

effusion outflow velocity / exit velocity (safety cabinet)

exit velocity (hood) evert, evaginate,

protrude, turn inside out

tare au (balance: set the weight of the container / packaging to zero)

tare (determine weight of container / packaging as to substract from gross weight: set reading to zero) exchange exchange exchangeable

exchangeable interchangeability

exchangeability exchange response

exchange reaction exit exit; release A. during normal operation

incidental release of fault-related A. (unexpected escape of process substances) accidental release leaving group / leaving group / leaving group

leaving group, coupling-off group exit pupil micros exit pupil exit slit exit slit dry out / dehydrate

desiccate, dry up, dry out dehydration


16 weigh (weigh exactly)

weigh out precisely wringer / wringer (mop)

wringer (mop) exhaustion phase

starvation phase time out downtime trainee / trainee

occupational trainee (professional school & on-the-job training) extract autocatalysis autocatalysis autoclave autoclave cooling time / fall time

cool-down period, cooling time heating time / rise time

preheating time, rise time Equalization time / thermal lagging behind

setting time autoclavable

autoclavable autoclave bags

autoclave bag autoclave autoclave autoclave indicator tape

autoclave tape, autoclave indicator tape autologous autologous autolysis autolysis

Avoidance of dehydration


desiccation avoidance wash out, rinse out, flush out; (elute) elute

autoradiography, radioautography Auxine auxins ax ax hatchet hatchet fire ax Azelaic acid azelaic acid azeotrop azeotropic


(solid soil components in suspension) eluviation; (dissolved soil minerals) leaching exchangeable exchangeable; (against each other) interchangeable; (replaceable) evaluating replaceable (e.g. of results)

evaluate, analyze, interpret (results) evaluation (e.g. of results)

evaluation, analysis, interpretation

azeotropic mixture

azeotropic mixture azid / acid / sauer acid acidity / acidity / acidity

acidity acidosis / Acidose acidosis


17 jaw crusher

jaw crusher, jaw breaker baker's yeast

baker's yeast stretcher / stretcher / stretcher / stretcher

stretcher bacterie / bacterium (pl bacteria)

bacterium (pl bacteria) bacilli / bacilli (rods)

bacilli (so-called bacillus) (rods)

Bacterial lawn bacteriology bacteriology bacteriological

bacteriologic, bacteriological bacteriophage / phage

bacteriophage, phage, bacterial virus Bacteriose bacteriosis bactericidal / germicidal

bacteriocidal, bactericidal ballast group (chem synthesis)

ballast group

denitrifying bacteria / denitrifying agents

Balloon / balloon bottle (for liquids)

denitrifying bacteria

carboy; bottle with faucet (carboy with spigot) banana plug electr banana plug tape (adhesive tape etc.) tape

Putrefactive bacteria

putrefactive bacteria oxyhydrogen bacteria / hydrogen bacteria

hydrogen bacteria (aerobic hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria) nodule bacteria

Barrier tape / marking tape

Cocci (spherical)

luminescent bacteria

autoclave tape, autoclave indicator tape Dichtungsband sealing tape Filamentband filament tape

Myxobacteria / slime bacteria

Thread sealing tape


thread seal tape

Rickettsiae (rod or globular bacteria)

duct tape

rickettsias, rickettsiae (so-called rickettsia) (rod-shaped to coccoid) sulfur bacteria sulfur bacteria

Signal tape / warning tape

cocci (sg coccus) (spherical forms) luminous bacteria

Spirils (helically wound)

spirilla (so-called spirillum) (spiraled forms) nitrogen-fixing bacteria

nitrogen-fixing bacteria Vibrionen (mostly curved)

vibrios (mostly comma-shaped) heat-seeking bacteria / thermophilic bacteria

thermophilic bacteria bacterial bacterial bacterial infection bacterial infection bacterial flora bacterial flora bakterfressend bacterivorous, bactivorous bacterial culture bacterial culture

barricade tape Autoclave indicator tape

adhesive tape warning tape Teflon tape Teflon tape Bandwidth phys bandwidth Bande electrophor / chromate band Hauptbande main band Satellite bande satellite band Band broadening chromate band broadening Banding pattern / banding pattern (of chromosomes)

banding pattern Banding technique

banding technique Tape measure / measuring tape

tape rule, tape measure bank / library / clone bank

library, bank (clone bank) bit (of a key)

Ba Beard formation / signal advance / band advance chrom

fronting, bearding base base nitrogenous base (purines / pyrimidines)

nitrogenous base basicity basicity basic anhydride basic anhydride base pair gen base pair basic / alkaline basic, alkaline basic chemicals / basic chemicals

base chemicals (general reactants) base unit base unit base medium basal medium base peak (MS) base peak basicity / basicity basicity building supervisory authority

building supervisory board pad / cotton ball / swab / tampon

pad, swab (cotton), pledget (cotton), tampon building block / component

building block, unit construction site

building site, construction site Bauunternehmen building contractor,

construction firm building code building code,

building regulations Bauwerk, building, edifice, structure, construction bacilli / bacilli ... / bacilli-shaped / rod-shaped

bacillary officer

public service officer, civil servant (Br) ventilate apply artificial respiration ventilation (artificial) artificial respiration ventilator respirator incubate / incubate

brood, breed, incubate incubation

breeding, incubation mug cup; centrif bucket

18 beaker / cylinder glass

(without handle) beaker; (with handle / jug) pitcher beaker tongs steaming / steaming / steaming

micros vapor blasting vapor deposition system micros

vaporization apparatus operate tech / mech

operate, handle, work control panel control panel control button / push button

push button servant / employee

employee; (state B.) civil servant, public service officer) Operation tech / mech operation; handling Operating instructions / instructions for use (manual)

operating instructions (manual) Operating personnel (workers / craftsmen / mechanics)

operations personnel threat

threat; endangerment infestation (pest infestation)

infestation (with pests / parasites) re-infestation reinfestation infested (pest infestation)

infest (pests / parasites) infestation rate

degree / level / rate of infestation moisten

moisten, humidify, steam humidifier damper humidification moistening,

humidification, dampening carriage / transportation

transport, shipment findings, results fumigate fumigate fumigation fumigation inspection / inspection (e.g. site inspection)

inspection (on-site inspection); (for acceptance) commissioning


19 certification (official)

(Certification) certification; (Certificate) certificate accompanying product side product limiting factor / limiting factor / limiting factor

limiting factor Examine the limit valve

give an expert opinion; review, examine, inspect, study appraiser expert appraisal expert opinion; examination, inspection Assessment procedure (scientific manuscripts)

peer review container / receptacle

container (large), receptacle (small) treat (treat)

treat (treated) untreated untreated disabled med handicapped physically disabled

physically handicapped disability

Obstacle; med handicap authority agency hatchet hatchet inoculate / inoculate inoculate inoculation / inoculation inoculation inoculation procedure

inoculation method, inoculation technique plate smear method

streak-plate method / technique Plattengussverfahren / cast plate method

pour-plate method / technique

Chisel chisel stain / stain mordant stain (seed) dress (coat / treat with

fungicides / pesticides); (Wood) stain dressing agent (for seed treatment)

fungicide treatment, pesticide treatment (of seeds) apparel / clothing

clothing, apparel resilient

strong, durable; loadable (loaded / polluted)

contaminate (d) exposure

(Payload / load: weight) weight; (Pollution) contamination Load capacity / limit of ecological load capacity / capacity limit / environmental capacity

carrying capacity exposure limit permissible / permitted B.

permissible exposure limit (PEL) Cause of exposure strain state of exposure stress animate (animate) animate (d) inanimate

inaminate (d), lifeless, nonliving revive (revived)

reaminate (d) voucher specimen voucher specimen staff, employees,

personnel; general force, labor force instruction, advice illuminate illuminate illumination illumination incident / incident light

epiillumination, incident illumination transmitted light / transmitted light illumination

Spatula plate method

transillumination, transmitted light illumination

spread-plate method / technique

Cold light lighting

Package insert

fiber optic illumination

insert / leaflet / slip biting (smell / taste) sharp, pungent, acrid pliers / pincers pliers

Köhler lighting

Koehler illumination artificial lighting

artificial light (ing)

When illuminance illuminance expose (e.g. film / plants)

expose exposure (e.g. film / plants)

exposure (to light) ventilate aerate ventilation aeration notification / notification


20 amber amber succinic acid (succinate)

succinic acid (succinate) rupture disk / snap disk / snap ring / rupture plate

bursting disk profession profession;

(Employment) occupation; (Work / job / job) work, job

Naming / designation / naming

Professional aptitude test

naming, designation, nomenclature wet; most benign / benign benign

Trade association

Benignity / goodness

benignity, benign nature user / user user gasoline gasoline, gas, petrol (Br) gasoline canisters / fuel canisters

gasoline canister benzoic acid (benzoate)

vocational aptitude test trade cooperative association occupational disease occupational hazard occupational hazard occupational disability

working disability, disablement professional association

professional association (organization) professional injury

occupational injury

benzoic acid (benzoate) benzene benzene


Observation window

Contact (e.g. with chemicals)

viewing panel calculate calculate calculation calculation sprinkle / irrigate (artificial)

irrigate; (spray) sprinkle, spray irrigation / irrigation irrigation sprinkler system / sprinkler system / sprinkler

sprinkler, sprinkler clean up irrigation system

clarify, clear, straighten out; adjust adjustment math / stat adjustment readiness

(Device) standby; (Service) duty standby / waiting mode

standby mode report report report report sprinkle sprinkle, spray; irrigate Sprinkle irrigation Berlsattel (packing) dest berl saddle (column packing) Berlese-Apparat ecol Berlese funnel

touch, contact; boarder contact, exposure stocking density stocking density

(Consistency) consistency; (State) state, condition; (Structure) structure, constitution; (Property) quality, property; (Art) nature, character procurement

procuring, procurement, supply; (Acquisition) acquisition; (Purchase) purchase sonicate / treat with sound waves

sonicate sound reinforcement / sonification / sonication

sonication shading general shading;

(Oblique vapor deposition with TEM) shadowcasting (rotary shadowing in TEM) metal shading



21 Certification coating

line, coat, cover, laminate coating

lining, coat, coating, covering, lamination loading micb charge, feed charging nozzle (piston)

delivery tube (flask) Acceleration Acceleration phase / start-up phase

acceleration phase acceleration voltage (EM)

micros accelerating voltage

Confirmation / reassurance

verification Verification verification

verification assay existing / existing

existing, existant; (consisting of) consisting of order order order order determine chem determine, identify; (Plants / animals) identify determination / determination / determination

identification; determination

Description description technical B. specifications, specs inscribe mark, label inscription

Provisions jur provisions Determination book manual Determination limit

mark, label, caption, legend label label

Identification key key irradiate irradiate; expose irradiation irradiation; exposure radiation dose

Fast atom bombardment (MS)

spectr fast-atom bombardment (FAB) eliminate / remove remove Elimination / removal broom colonize (establish) settle, establish;

micb (colonize) colonize colonization (establishment) settlement, establishment; micb (colonization / colonization) colonization sprinkle sprinkle sputtering (EM) micros sputter sputtering / cathode sputtering (EM)

micros sputtering sputtering system (EM) micros

sputtering unit / appliance stock (quantity / quantity) stock, number, quantity; was standing; (Population) population resistant / resistant resistant resistance / resistance resistance inventory

(to make an) inventory

limit of detection

radiation dosage, irradiation dosage Irradiation intensity / irradiation density

irradiance, fluence rate, radiation intensity, radiant-flux density numb / anesthetize / anesthetize

stupefy, narcotize, anesthetize numbing / narcotic / anesthetic

stupefacient, stupefying, narcotic, anesthetic anesthesia / anesthesia / anesthesia

stupefaction, narcosis, anesthesia anesthetic / anesthetic / anesthetic stupefacient, narcotic,

narcotizing agent, anesthetic, anesthetic agent Operation / company business, company, firm, enterprise Operating instructions

operating instructions; (Handbuch) manual Betriebsarzt company doctor Betriebsdruck operating pressure

Stand density / population density

Operating permit

population density component

Operations management

operational permission

Be trade secret / trade secret

trade secret operations manager

22 vibratory movement

vibrating motion rocking motion

see-saw motion, rocking motion

operations manager, plant manager company nurse

Motion detector / motion sensor

Operational safety

Evaluation rating, evaluation;

safety of operation operating metabolism

maintenance metabolism industrial accident,

accident at work operating regulation

operating instructions Process water / process water (non-potable water)

process water, service water, industrial water (nondrinkable water) Fraud / swindle / fraudulent deception fraud inflection phys / opt diffraction inflection pattern diffraction pattern Population / Population population guard preserve / preserve / preserve

preserve, keep, maintain

motion sensor, movement detector (evaluation) judgment; (Recording) assessment vegetation growth, cover, stand consciously psych conscious unconsciously unconscious, unknowing (ly) consciousness awareness consciousness consciousness unconsciousness

unconsciousness labeling badging reference electrode reference electrode reference temperature

reference temperature reference value reference value library / bank (clone bank)

library, bank (clone bank) department library unit library expression library

Preservation / Preservation / Preservation

expression library

preservation irrigate irrigate irrigation irrigation move move movement motion; (Locomotion) movement, motion, locomotion

Institute library

Rotary motion (rotating)

spinning / rotating motion hand movement

hand motion (handshaking motion) circular-vibrating motion

vortex motion, whirlpool motion

departmental library librarian pliable flexible, pliable pliability flexibility, pliability;

stiffness beeswax beeswax balance (energy balance / metabolic balance) balance image picture, image electron microscopic image / electron microscopic image

Shaking movement (back and forth / up and down)

electron micrograph final image micros final image

rocking motion (side-to-side / up-down)

microscopic image / micrograph

Tumbling motion, three-dimensional

microscopic image, microscopic picture, micrograph real image micros real image virtual image micros virtual image

nutation, gyroscopic motion (three-dimensional orbital & rocking motion)


23 Image Diagram / Symbols

form (develop) pictograph (for hazard labels) (e.g. gases / vapors)

generate (develop) image point opt ​​image point;

(Grid point) pixel screen / monitor

display, monitor educational heat

heat of formation bimetal thermometer

bimetallic thermometer bimodal distribution

bimodal distribution, two-mode distribution Bims pumice Pumice stone pumice rock bandage / tourniquet / tourniquet

tourniquet binding ability

bonding strength binder / absorbent material (absorbent material)

binder, binding agent, absorbent, absorbing agent bind chem bond, link bind / bind / bind together tether binding fleece strapping fabric binding chem

bond, linkage atomic bond atomic bond chemical bond chemical bond disulfide bond (disulfide bridge)

disulfide bond, disulfide bridge double bond double bond triple bond triple bond high energy bond

high energy bond

hydrophobic bond

hydrophobic bond ionic bond ionic bond carbon bond carbon bond conjugate bond

conjugated bond cooperative bond

cooperative binding covalent bond covalent bond multiple bond multiple bond peptide bond

peptide bond, peptide linkage binding energy

binding energy, bond energy binding curve binding curve bond angle binocular binoculars binomial distribution

binomial distribution binomial formula

binomial formula bioinorganisch bioinorganic bioequivalence bioequivalence biochemistry biochemistry biochemical oxygen demand / biological oxygen demand (BOD)

biochemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand (BOD) biodegradation / biological degradation

biodegradation bioenergetics bioenergetics bioethics bioethics biohazard biohazard biogen biogenic bioindicator / indicator type / indicator type / indicator organism

bioindicator, indicator species Biolistik biolistics,

microprojectile bombardment biologist,

glycosidic bond

bioscientist, life scientist

glycosidic bond / linkage

Biology / life sciences

heteropolar bond

heteropolar bond homopolar bond

homopolar bond, nonpolar bond hydrophilic bond

hydrophilic bond

biology, bioscience, life sciences biodegradable biodegradable biological / biotic

biologic (al), biotic biodegradability


biological safety (measures)

biological containment biological process engineering / biotechnology / bioengineering

bioengineering biological degradation / biodegradation

biodegradation biological warfare agent

biological warfare agent biological oxygen demand / biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) biological oxygen demand,

biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) biological test

bioassay, biological assay biological balance

biological equilibrium bioluminescence bioluminescence biomass biomass bionics bionics biophysics biophysics bioreactor (reactor types see: reactor) bioreactor biorhythm biorhythm biostatics biostatics biostatistics biostatistics biosynthesis biosynthesis biosynthesis reaction

biosynthetic reaction (anabolic reaction) biosynthetic biosynthetic (al) biosynthesize biosynthesize biotechnology / biological process engineering / bioengineering


24 pear flasks / Kjeldahl flasks

Kjeldahl flask bitter bitter bitterness bitterness bitter almond oil

bitter almond oil bitter substances bitters bivalent bivalent bloat bloat bulking sludge bulking sludge bloating / flatulence bloating, gas vesicles / vesicle vesicles

bubble-shaped, bulliform bubble med bladder bubble (gas bubble / air bubble / soap bubble)

bubble bubble / round alembic

still pot, distilling boiler flask bubble-like / bubble-shaped

bladderlike, bladdery, vesicular bladder linker PCR gene

bubble left PCR bubble column reactor

bubble column reactor

vesicating, vesicant bubble counter

bubble counter, bubbler, gas bubbler bubble

bullous, with blisters, vesiculate Blattgold gold foil, gold leaf Hydrocyanic acid / hydrogen cyanide

hydrogen cyanide, hydrocyanic acid, prussic acid Blech sheet metal

Biotechnology biotechnology Biotransformation / Bioconversion

Tin snips

biotransformation, bioconversion bioavailability bioavailability bioscience bioscience (mostly pl biosciences), life science (mostly pl life sciences) biocide biocide

Lead (Pb) lead lead block rad pig

Biocenosis / biocenosis / biocenosis / community / community of organisms

biocenosis, biotic community

sheet-metal shears, plate shears (outermost container of lead for radioactive materials) pale / pale pale / pale / pale color

paleness bleach / bleach bleach bleach / bleach (active: make white / lighten) bleach


25 Lead citrate (EM) lead citrate galena lead oxide PbO

litharge, massicot, lead protooxide, lead oxide (yellow monoxide) lead oxide PbO2

lead dioxide, brown lead oxide, lead superoxide lead oxide Pb2O

lead oxide (yellow), lead suboxide lead oxide Pb3O4

red lead oxide, red lead lead ring (weight ring / stabilization ring / weight ring)

lead ring (for Erlenmeyer) pencil marking

pencil marking aperture opt / micros (opening / aperture) aperture; micros diaphragm aperture field of view / field of view / field of view

field of view, scope of view, field of vision, range of vision, visual field blind blind blindness blindness blind rivet blind rivet blind rivet nut blind rivet nut blind value blank reactance

reactance, relative impedance Blitz flash (light / lightning / spark) Flash chromatography / flash chromatography

flash chromatography flash flash flash flash, flashlight flash photolysis

Block synthesis block synthesis blot hybridization

blot hybridization blotting (blotting / making stains / staining) blot blotting / blotting

blotting, blot transfer affinity blotting

affinity blotting Alkali blotting

alkali blotting diffusion blotting

capillary blotting genomic blotting

genomic blotting ligand blotting

ligand blotting wet blotting wet blotting dry blotting dry blotting blotting electrophoresis / direct transfer electrophoresis

direct blotting electrophoresis, direct transfer electrophoresis bloom flower, bloom blood blood fresh blood fresh blood serum (pl serums) serum (pl sera or serums) whole blood blood agar blood agar blood smear micros blood smear blood bank blood bank blood count / blood status / hematogram

blood count, hematogram blood pressure blood pressure bleeding n bleeding bleeding vb bleed bruise / hematoma

bruise, hematoma blood substitute blood substitute blood clotting blood clotting blood group blood group blood group determination

blood typing

flash photolysis block holder micros block holder

Blood group intolerance

Blocking reagent

Blood bag

blocking reagent

blood group incompatibility stored blood, banked blood

Bl blood cells

blood cell, blood corpuscle, blood corpuscule blood culture blood culture blood donation blood barrier

arrest of blood supply hemostatic (astringent)

styptic, hemostatic (astringent) blood poisoning / sepsis

blood poisoning blood cell counting

blood count blood-replacing / hemorrhagic

hemorrhagic blood sugar blood sugar Boden dest / chromat plate;

Soil, ground, earth Bodenhöhe plate height theoretical soils

theoretical plates floor drain / floor drain

floor drain Soil components soil components soil column dest plate column soil body chem bottoms, deposit

(sediment, precipitate, settlings) Soil particle sizes soil texture Soil skeleton

soil skeleton (inert quartz fraction)

26 drill chuck drill core / core geol / paleo

drill core, core drilling machine drill drilling (process / operation) drill,

drilling, bore; (Result: hole etc.) bore bolt cutter bolt cutter bomb calorimeter

bomb calorimeter bomb tube / shooting tube / containment tube

bomb tube, Carius tube, sealing tube Scoring stat notation, scoring Bor (B) boron Borax / sodium tetraborate decahydrate

borax, sodium tetraborate flanged flange lap-joint flange crimp seal crimp seal crimp cap sealing pliers

crimp the cap crimper

bead, flange, seam, edge; crimp beaded rim, flange;

(Test tube / flask) deburred edge, beaded rim crimping pliers crimping pliers borosilicate glass borosilicate glass bristle bristle malignant / malignant

Soil salinization soil salinization soil efficiency dest

Malignancy / malignancy

plate efficiency number of plates dest / chromat number of plates, plate number arc flame arc flame arc lamp arc lamp arc saw coping saw drilling drill

Vat vat, tub; washtub brackish water

Drill / drill bit / drill attachment

Combustion gases Combustion gases Risk of fire

bit, drill bit, drill (on a dental drill: bur) Betonbohrer concrete drill (bit) Holzbohrer wood drill (bit) Metalbohrer metal drill (bit) Steinbohrer rock drill (bit)

malignancy brackish water (somewhat salty) Brand fire, blaze; burning types of fire fire classification fire ax fire ax fire fighting

fire fighting fire risk, fire hazard fire odor burnt smell source of fire fire wall fire wall fire risk fire hazard


27 Fire protection / fire prevention

fire protection, fire prevention; fire control burns / burns / burns

burn, burn wound quicklime caustic lime (CaO) industrial water (non-potable water)

process water, service water, industrial water (nondrinkable water) amber glass amber glass brownstone / manganese oxide

manganese dioxide crowbar, jimmy break / vomit (when feeling sick)

vomit refraction, optical / refraction

optical refraction refractive index / refractive index / refractive index

refractive index, index of refraction refractive power refractivity refracting angle refracting angle vomiting center broad spectrum antibiotic

broad-spectrum antibiotic burning equivalent

fuel equivalence combustible

combustible, flammable not combustible

noncombustible, nonflammable flammability

combustibility, flammability focal plane focal plane burn burn to burn / ignite / inflame