How does an ancient Egyptian shaduf work

What please is a "shadoof"

Primarily in Egypt, cereals like wheat, spelled or barley were grown. Also the cultivation of flax for the Linen robes existed very early in Egypt. The irrigation of the fields was very important, because in Egypt it hardly rained at all, especially in the south. To prevent the plants from drying out, the farmers dug small channels that they filled with water from the Nile.

Ladles were used for this until the New Kingdom. Then the shadoof (also shadoof) was invented. This is not a modern headgear, but a Lever treewith which one could draw water. Incidentally, the Egyptians still use this aid today. In the picture opposite you can see an Egyptian using a shadoof. Looks almost like ancient Egypt.

The shadoof consists of a lever arm with a bucket hanging on one end and a counterweight on the other. That made the work a lot easier. However, the poor farmers had to rebuild the canals again and again because the floods of the Nile destroyed them again.