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acTVism Culture Tip: One World Project - “Global Warning”

acTVism culture tip: One World Project - “Global Warning”
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The Munich band, whose members come from different nations, proves that multi-cultural works when you stop generalizing and start to see people in themselves.

Funky, poetic and full of emotions - most of the songs are German and from my own pen - from hip hop, reggae and rock to African grooves: this is the current show GLOBAL WARNING.

Your message: If we don't stop fighting and exploiting the earth, there will be no winner in the end.


  • Time: SAT 07.10.2017, doors open at 7:00 p.m.
  • Place: Spectaculum Mundi Munich-Fürstenried, Graubündener Str. 100
  • Tickets: https://www.muenchenticket.de/guide/tickets/209jq/One+World+Project.html
  • Costs: EUR 21.00



Building walls is currently very much in vogue. Music is tearing these walls down again. I don't know whether we'll change the world with music. But it feels better to try than just watch us drive the planet up against the wall.


My family is muslim. I love her. But I also want to be myself and free. The ONE WORLD PROJECT has become my second family. Origin, religion and skin color play no role at all.


I live in a 1-room apartment with my double bass, a ukelele, 3 guitars, a keyboard and a harmonica. Does music make us better people? It worked for me.