What is the correct abbreviation for Foundation

What is a foundation? Easily explained

The explanation of what a foundation is depends on which language area you are in. We will show you what this can mean in the English-speaking area and what is usually understood by it in the German-speaking area.

Foundation in business

In the German-speaking world, the term foundation is rarely used in connection with business.
  • "Foundation" is the English word for "foundation" or "foundation".
  • In the English-speaking world, the term describes what is called a foundation in German.
  • What exactly a foundation is and what types of foundation exist are explained in detail in a separate article.

Foundation in cosmetics

In this country, the term foundation is more associated with cosmetic articles.
  • Most of the time, foundation is equated with make-up - but that's not entirely true.
  • Make-up is actually a generic term. This includes all cosmetics that cover skin imperfections or smooth out unevenness. But make-up - for example eye shadow, mascara or lipstick - also falls under the term make-up.
  • A foundation is therefore a component of the make-up, the "primer" so to speak. Foundations come in different forms, which are recommended depending on the skin type.
  • On the one hand there is the compact foundation, which is powder-like and is applied with a damp sponge, for example with a make-up egg.
  • Then there is foundation in liquid form, which is the easiest to apply. The cushion foundations have a similar consistency. The primer is in a sponge and is applied with a brush.
  • Finally, there are also cream or mousse foundations, which however easily settle into wrinkles and are therefore not suitable for dry skin.
For many, an eyeliner is part of the perfect make-up. We'll show you how to apply eyeliner correctly in another article.