Bump on the wrist with arms flexed

Wrist bump

Logged in as [email protected] | Surgery consultation hour Nobody95 from Kelkheim since December 29th, 2015 Wrist bulge Good evening, In November 2011 I broke my left wrist in a car accident. At that time it was suspected that one of the carpal bones might also have broken, after a further examination with X-rays etc., this was denied. In the course of the last few months I always had problems with my hand when propping up, because it stung exactly where it was supposed to be. It got worse and worse and for about 3 months now I've had a firm, immobile bump on the spot. The pain has changed but is still there. They get worse under load and support is hardly possible at all. Can someone help me ? I have an appointment with a hand surgeon soon but would like to know beforehand what that could be and what a treatment would look like. Thanks in advance

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