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Paletton, the color scheme designer

1. How To Use Pallet

Whether you're a professional designer, a starting artist or just a curious beginner in the world of art and design, Paletton is here to help you with all your color palette needs.

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of color theory in order to use Paletton's unique and easy color wheel. All you need to do is choose the basic color You are interested in exploring, and get inspired.

All of the color combinations other schemes are here for you, don’t be scared to try different variations, experiment and play with whatever you see in front of you. Most of our users prefer to get lost in the process and get inspired by new and different ideas than the ones they originally intended.

Make sure to experiment with our unique color scheme designer other color scheme generator, in order to get the full Pallet experience. First, test out our color wheel picker, then you can play around with the various color palettes and work on fine tuning your vision down to the smallest detail.

If you're feeling uninspired and need a little dusting off, try working with our color wheel, create new color palettes other color combinations and see what’s most appealing to your eyes as you go along. Don't stay too attached to a certain idea. Often times the best ideas and sparks of inspiration come out of the blue. Use our complementary color wheel as your own personal guide and let it lead you. Remember, you can always reset your progress or hit our randomize button for more inspiration.

2. Explore New Colors With Our Complementary Color Wheel

As you probably know, a color scheme is a selection of colors that are used for various artistic and design needs. For example, let's say you are working on designing a website for your business. You want the website to be user friendly, easy to look at, and help your visitors understand your brand in the best way possible. One of the best ways to do that is by choosing the right colors. Whether it's young and vibrant tones, or Achromatic, the choice is yours. With Pallet, you can see all the different color palettes you can experiment with, and choose the best color palettes to match your artistic vision.

The right color aesthetic will bring a sense of ease to your site, it will allow all the information you've worked so hard on and design Choices to organically flow together in harmony. Instead of boring your visitors with regular black and white design, the addition of an interesting color palette makes sure your vision shines brighter than your competitors, and brings out your ideas in the best of ways. Plus, most users testify to come back for a second visit if a website is properly designed and easy to look at.

3. Everyone Can Use The Paletton Color Wheel

Pallet is not just a professional tool, it what designed to help all sorts of color projects, from professional work to your kids school projects. Pallet could help you design your next knitting project, find the best color combination for your mother’s next birthday card or even help you paint that kitchen just the way you like it.

When working with colors, it is important to do all you can do in order to match them up correctly. While most people struggle to do that off the top of their heads, Pallet does the matching for you.

Use our unique complementary color wheel and find out the colors that match your own personal needs just the way you want it.

Do you have a kitchen cabinet that you just adore but don’t know which colors will help make it stand out? Just find the color on our color wheel and let our system match you with the best color scheme for your kitchen.

But don't just stop there, like we said before, often times the best ideas come from the strangest places. Maybe pick a certain object you like in your kitchen, it could even be that special salt shaker you got on your last vacation, and see what colors match it. You would be surprised to see the outcome.

Now that you've picked out your preferable color scheme, your next trip to the art and paint store would be so much easier, thanks to having your own preferable options.

4. A Tip on How To Use The Paletton Color Scheme

Remember, once you find your color scheme, try to work with it and not against it. If the color scheme you've picked doesn't go with more than a few objects you need to add to the room / project, it's time to find a new color palette. With Pallet, this process is as easy as can be, so don’t be afraid of changing your options along the way.

5. Paletton - Teaching You How to Work with Color Schemes

Pallet can also be used as a learning tool for students. If you are learning design, art or even photography, Pallet can be of great use.

Make sure you pick up the correct colors that are on your vision board, and find new and interesting tones, shades other schemes that can help you elevate your work.

While the process can seem a bit confusing at first, once you have a specific color in mind, the rest is fairly simple. Don't be afraid of experimenting, making mistakes, and matching again and again until you find your perfect choice.

By hovering with your cursor on top of the colors you've picked, you will see the codes of each color, helping you translate your pallets into your own system. If you are looking for more information on a specific color, just click on the color and a new window will pop up with information such as RGB [hex], RGB [0-255], RGB [0-100%], Hue (RYB), Luminosity [0-100%], Rel. Luminosity by WCAG and LAB.

thesis tools will help you perfect your vision, translate into a specific code or screen directions, and make sure that all of your hard work matching and picking your perfect color scheme, doesn't go to waste.

Paletton.com by Petr Stan cek

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