Resident Evil 2 Claire, where the key is raised

Resident Evil 2: Find the jack and solve the gear puzzle in the clock tower

Resident Evil 2 is slowly picking up the pace. You have explored large parts of the police station - and finally made the acquaintance of the Tyrant, who from now on sits permanently in your neck as a latent danger. As if you hadn't needed an alternative escape plan at any time before, one is now absolutely essential. The invincible opponent, also known as Mr. X, regularly stands before you at the worst possible moments.

So there are more than enough good reasons to slowly leave the area behind you. You still need the second electronic part to get to Ben's key card. This small but indispensable utensil is hidden in the clock tower on the third floor (3F), but you cannot easily reach it. Theoretically, the western door of the east storage room also leads there, but unfortunately it is locked from the outside, so you first have to unlock it on the gallery. Therefore, there is currently only one way to your destination - and that via the shelves to be moved in the upper part of the library.

If you have already taken a closer look at this, you will have noticed that the second shelf from the right was jacked up on a jack without a lever and is therefore immovable. So far you haven't had a chance to get the associated tool, but with the cross key in your inventory it is now finally available, literally.

Get in front of it - ideally, after this to be on the safe side, you have saved your game status again - in the western part of the first floor (1F) and there close the previously inaccessible File room west side on. There you can find the huge one Tool on a small table - the difference in size will catch your eye immediately. Be careful not to be encircled by the Tyrant here, as you have little room to maneuver.

Now it's back to the library, where you combine the lever with the jack so that you can finally lower the shelf and move it. The problem: you have to move not only this one, but also the two shelves to the left of it completely to the right. However, it takes time some Time - so long that you're guaranteed to be nibbled on by the local undead, or worse, the Tyrant. It is therefore advisable to split this task into several attempts: move a shelf a few positions and then move again (for example to the typewriter downstairs in the entrance hall to record your progress). Alternatively, you can, of course, just shorten the bibliophile zombies, which costs you some ammunition, but saves a lot of time.

How you go about it is ultimately up to you. The only important thing is that you have finally moved all three shelves to the right side. The whole thing should look like the following picture:

As a result, the upper sides form a flat, contiguous area that you can walk across in the upper part of the library and to the other side, which was previously inaccessible. Via the door there you can now access the gallery on the third floor (3F) above the foyer.

Since the path here is extremely narrow, you should beware of the local brains while you inspect the manageable area. In the lower left corner you get to the clock tower, your actual goal. At the lower boundary there is also a green herb to be found, whereas you can unlock the door to the east storage room at the top right.

Important: For the riddle in the clock tower you need imperative the big gear from the east storage room. If you haven't grabbed it yet, now is the ideal time to catch up on it (also here: a blue herb, some shotgun ammunition and two drooling undead). Please note, however, that this massive part occupies two inventory spaces at once.

When that is done, you enter the Clock tower.

Clock tower: Find the control cabinet parts - get the second electronics part

A little reassurance in advance: The clock tower is one of the few safe havens in Resident Evil 2. You have neither zombies nor your constant companion Tyrant to fear, so you can devote yourself to the local "puzzle" in peace.

We use this word here in the broadest possible sense, because the matter is not really crisp here. All you have to do is make sure that you have received the one in the eastern storage room big gear to have in my luggage.

Your goal is to get to the cardboard box inside the bell cage. To do this, you have to somehow make the metal colossus vibrate. And that's easier than it first appears. Proceed as follows:

  1. Put the big gear in the front gear on the right side (next to the small wooden table on which you will find the repair plan. This will allow you to descend a staircase from above.
  2. As soon as the stairs have been lowered, remove the large gear from its anchorage. Don't worry, the steps will still remain in their lower position.
  3. Now go up the stairs by circling the cage on the left hand side and on the head side.
  4. Run past the cage again at the top (you can already see the object of desire clearly inside, but you have to wait a short moment before you can hold it in your hands), so that you get to the clock face gear.
  5. Take that small gear from the dial gear on the upper floor.
  6. Set that immediately afterwards big gear at the point where you just removed the small one.
  7. Now go down the stairs again and go in the lower area to the gearbox behind the cage, which you have not yet fingered.
  8. We're changing that now: Lastly, insert the large gear here, whereupon the entire system is set in motion. The bell strikes three o'clock - so violently that it rips out of its anchorage, thunders down with a loud rum and fortunately the box with the packaged electrical part throws off.

Pick up the box and examine it in your inventory to tear it open like the first one and that Electronics part to get from inside. Now you have both parts (you remember: the first was in the transformer room in B1) to finally get to the key card of the very roughly divorced Ben who is still locked in the cell block - together with some zombies.