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Tim Mälzer can no longer hold back his tears at Markus Lanz on ZDF when it comes to the coronavirus crisis. Labor Minister Heil has a gloomy forecast.

  • Tim Mälzer: hamburgerTV chef breaksMarkus Lanz in tears.
  • Coronavirus-Crisis: Gastronom maltster before the end.
  • More symbolic protest before the Hamburg City Hall.

Hamburg / Altona - The Hamburg TV chef Tim Mälzer is mostly not at a loss for a saying. Some appreciate him for his open, direct manner, others consider him unsympathetic because of that. As a meek, emotionally easy to move person was 49 year old but not yet known to the public. This has now become apparent through the appearance Maltster in the ZDFTelevision showMarkus Lanz" changed.

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Minister of Labor Heil predicts a year and a half dry spell

Difficult predictions are made on Tuesday, the 5th May 2020, in the round of Markus Lanz come on the table. In this the Hamburg TV presenter Next Maltster also that Federal Minister For job and Social, Hubertus Heil, Health expert Karl Lauterbach (both SPD), FDP chairwoman Katja Suding and the Journalist Olaf Sundermeyer. Clearly in focus: the native Elmshorn Tim Mälzer. For his commitment to the restaurant scene, he was even awarded the "Eckart 2020" *.

But one after the other. Hubertus Heil announces that the Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2 pandemic would keep the company busy for another year and a half. A time when it is not clear how things should go on in concrete terms. Because the question remains under what conditions shops, Hotels and Restaurants have to work permanently. Or whether they are even allowed to open again.

Hamburg TV chef Tim Mälzer close to tears

The can provide a hopeful perspective SPD politician so not to sketch. This is possible TV chef and Entrepreneur Tim Mälzer visibly close. The hamburger his voice fails, tears well up in his eyes. “I'm really touched right now,” he says 49 year old just. Moderator Markus Lanz wants to know more and is asking. When asked why this is so, answer Maltster snorting: "Just ask someone else a question".

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Markus Lanz today at 11:40 p.m. on ZDF. Tomorrow inna @zdfmediathek I'll be there. - It's worth switching on. It was a good, emotional and mostly calm conversation. Also present: Hubertus Heil, politician The Federal Minister for Labor and Social Affairs and SPD politician commented on the effectiveness of the Corona aid packages. And he explains his further plans to support the labor market. Karl Lauterbach, politician Numerous federal states are loosening their corona measures. The SPD health expert and epidemiologist speaks about the risk that the opening up of public life entails. Katja Suding, politician "There must be easing now," says the deputy FDP chairwoman. It outlines the health and economic policy ideas and concepts of the liberals. Tim Mälzer, Chef ⬅️ That's me 👊 The TV chef employs around 200 people in his company. He comments on the effects of the Corona crisis on the catering trade and explains his political demands. Olaf Sundermeyer, journalist Deniers of the dangers posed by the coronavirus regularly gather at so-called "hygiene demonstrations". Sundermeyer explains which groups are behind this movement.

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A diversionary maneuver Maltsterwho wants to keep his tears hidden as possible. "I'm listening," he replies as TV presenter occurring hamburger then after all. “And I'm not stupid, I process information that is now being discussed here. I'll go out for a minute. Seriously ... “, it says on the part of the Hanseatic people.

Hamburg restaurateur speaks of "enormous stress" for "an entire industry"

Entrepreneur maltster shows himself resigned Labor Minister I can only reply that he has seen such reactions more often lately. That the Federal government that doesn't matter, but it's also about the protection of health go

In this case there is Maltster insightful: “I'm not at all against it. But now that is slowly becoming defined. We are all under enormous stress because we have to expose ourselves to new situations every day and have opportunities and ideas ”.

Then show Maltster across from Markus Lanz then that it wasn't just his financial Needs go “We're not talking about my existence here, but about an entire industry in general. About people with whom I interact very strongly. About employees for whom I feel responsible when I wake up in the morning, similar to them, ”he says Hamburg TV chef at "Markus Lanz" the location of the gastronomy a.

TV chef Tim Mälzer initiates a demo in front of Hamburg City Hall

How north buzz reported *, the Restaurantsof Gastronome Tim Mälzers due to the Coronavirus crisis before the Bankrupt. That's why he demonstrated TV chef together with several hundred Hamburg restaurateurs at the Friday, April 24, 2020, on the Town Hall Square. also reports on the emotional one outbreak of Celebrity chef malters* - finds later Maltster with a creative coronavirus recipe and -Menu* out of the crisis. Meanwhile his mood is better again and he gives funny interviews about how bad he cooks at home.

This should refer to the dramatic situation in Hospitality be made aware. 430 empty Chairs before the Hamburg City Hall symbolized the 4,300 Establishments the Hanseatic citythat loud North German Broadcasting (NDR) currently about her Existence fight.

"Markus Lanz": Ranga Yogeshwar accuses politics of "opening orgies"

Even in the latest "Markus Lanz"Output is via the Coronavirus crisis discussed. In the broadcast of Wednesday, May 6, 2020, speak among others Physicist Ranga Yogeshwar, SPD politician Sigmar Gabriel and Journalist Dagmar Rosenfeld about the latest decisions the Federal government, as a result, gastronomic Establishments open again. For Yogeshwar incomprehensible who the politics massively criticized and speaks of "opening orgies".* is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network