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Journalist Howie Severino on getting COVID-19: The odds of survival are pretty good

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 7) - Veteran journalist Howie Severino has survived a bout with COVID-19, he revealed in a piece for GMA News Online where he stressed that contracting the viral disease is not a death sentence.

"The reality is many of the recoveries don’t get counted, while the deaths often make the news, adding to the overwhelming sense of dread. The odds of survival are pretty good, ”Severino said.

He shared that a medication “eventually worked” for him.

“Those of us among the pioneers - I'm Patient 2828 in the lower part of the curve - have a responsibility to talk about this experience in a way that will enable the public to understand it, read the fear, and create compassion for those who survived COVID-19, ”he added.

He said he is lucky to have been able to come home and return to a normal life, unlike a fellow COVID-19 patient who he said has been barred from returning to his condominium building.

Severino said that those who reach out to COVID-19 patients should also share family news, playlists, jokes, memes, instead of just “get well” messages.

“Anything that can offer a respite from the constant reminders of our condition. We do not need more pity, ”he said.

He also shared that Zoom meetings with loved ones helped ease the loneliness of isolation.

He also said that meditation and breathing exercises his wife taught him helped him calm down from the dreadful thoughts he had about the disease and the medication he was taking.

"COVID-19 need not be a death sentence. I am living proof. A combination of good fortune, physical fitness and competent medical treatment probably saved my life, ”Severino said.