What kind of bee lives underground Atlanta

Bees that live in the earth?

Postby Brimstone butterfly »Sun Jun 25, 2006 12:43 pm

Hello, in this weather you all hang around in the garden? It would be nice if someone in the plant doctor forum could help me. But now to another question: a few days ago in our garden I saw small raised hills with an entrance, carefully dug them up. Today I have already seen 5 of them and again dug up almost all of them and carefully inserted small plant stems into two of them. I sat down next to it and waited to see which animal would push it out again. A short time later a bee came ?! I think it was one, I don't know that well ... and tried desperately to get into such a stem-occupied hole, initially dug a new one next to it, but didn't quite make it. Soon another bee came and tried the second hole where the plant was in it. As much as I felt sorry for them, I would like to have a lawn and a "sunbathing lawn" instead of having to worry about mowing each lawn. If they didn't come in the queen would starve inside and the problem would take care of itself, wouldn't it? I googled once but found nothing about bees that live in the earth, does anyone know more precisely? Weren't they bees? LG, brimstone butterfly