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Kurt Hummel

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel


Date of birth



Lady (Sue, Azimio)
Lance Bass, my boy (Puck)
Lady Hummel (Santana, Brittany, Jacob Ben Israel)
eleven year old milkmaid (Emma)
Schmarre (Dakota Stanley)
New, silly, the person I love, super interesting boy in all of Ohio, the love of my life, stranger, my soul mate, my ex, my one and only love, my great friend, my fiance (Blaine)
my best gay, Glinda, Gaylinda, babe (Rachel)
Fairy, homo, ladyboy (Karofsky)
Porcelain, sweet porcelain, kiddo, gay child, Eddie Munster, Lady Face, son of Burt "Baboon Heart" Hummel, Porzellina, Porzellina Hummel, brave, transsexual Porcelain, he / she, Twinkle Tush, cheeky toothless elf (Sue)
my happy, happy unicorn (Brittany)
the mayor of gay town, gay escort, baby (Mercedes)
Lady Lips, Teenie Gay, Grandmother, Wonder Twin, Gay Mare, Richard Simmons, Gay Winklevoss Twin, Porcelain, Olson Twin, Queen of England, Queen, Cheesy Gay (Santana)
Lady Fabulous (Tina)
Chazz Dolaldswoth (fake ID)
old Betty White (Sebastian)
pale faced ghost (Jesse)
Mr. Wedding Planner, Gay Hutch (Burt)
certain young wedding planner (priest)
cheeky male student (Figgins)
Garçon (Kitty)
my friend (Isabelle Wright)
little brother gay braveheart, my gay stepbrother (Finn)
little lord gay boy, super homo (Ryder and Finn in Artie's dream)
Pancake Face (Becky)

Family friends

Personal information



Singing, fashion, football, piano, performing, acting,


Fashionable, Vocal Range, Compassionate, Open-minded, Brave, Can Keep Secrets, Smart, Brave, Individual


Tormentor, homophobia, when loved ones get hurt, lonely (at first)


2009 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2009 Cheerleading Nationals (1st place)
2010 Showchor Regionals (3rd place)
2010 Showchor Sectionals (1st place, shared)
2011 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2011 Showchor Nationals (12th place)
2011 WMHS prom queen
2011 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Nationals (1st place)

Series information

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is a graduate of William McKinley High School and the first self-confessed homosexual there, which made him a popular victim of bullying among many of his classmates. He was a former member of New Directions, McKinley Titans, and Cheerios. In New worlds he becomes a student at the Dalton Academy and a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers, but changes to Born This Way back to McKinley. In The new and the old Rachel he moves to New York, where he has been with Rachel and since The diva in you also lives in a shared apartment with Santana. It is also used in Swan song at NYADA, to which he applied in the course of the third season, but was rejected and has been since When the muse doesn't kissIntern at Vogue.com. In Tina in the Sky with Diamonds he works with Rachel, Dani and Santana in the Spotlight Diner and founds in Katy or Gaga his own band Pamela Lansbury. Due to Santana and Rachel's feud, Kurt decides in trioto break up the band and to form a new one, One Three Hill, but only with Dani and Elliott. In Dreams Come True he became a famous Broadway actor with Blaine and is expecting offspring.

Kurt's mother died when he was eight years old, and since then he has lived alone with his father Burt Hummel, who is in Cupid must be crazyCarole Hudson marries, making Finn his stepbrother.

He was in a relationship with Blaine Anderson who was in Our own songs began, however, due to the events in Is separation the death of love? ended. The two come in Love love love together again and get engaged. Shortly before Loser like me Kurt dissolves the engagement due to various disputes and the couple split up. He later realizes his mistake and returns to Lima to win Blaine back. He succeeds in doing this, whereupon the two of them with Brittany and Santana in A wedding marry.

He is from Chris Colfer shown, which was awarded, among other things, a Golden Globe for this role.


Season one

In overture Kurt is introduced to William McKinley High School as an independent, fashionable student who is frequently thrown into dumpsters by football players. He sings Mr. Cellophane for the Glee Club when Mr. Schuester takes over as the new director. He is recorded and sings with Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat With. As the Glee Kids You're The One That I Want perform, he says, that they sound good for the first time, but is not satisfied with Rachel's choreography. At the end he sings along Don't Stop Believin ' With.

In Beyond Gut and Sue he is thrown in the garbage can once again by the football players, telling them that one day they will work for him. Then he is in the choir room and performs with the others Le freak, whom he called "gay" and later joined Gold digger he briefs himself with Mercedes. When Rachel calls the Glee Club together to plan another number for the school meeting, he sarcastically remarks that they want blood instead of the performance Mr. Schue has planned for them. Like the other Glee Kids, he performs Push it With.

In Acafellas a friendship begins between Kurt and Mercedes, outside of their fashion rivalries, but the girl develops a crush on him. He notices that she is feeling lonely and offers to go shopping with him. Cheerleaders, Quinn and Santana, set out to stir up the Glee Club, convince Mercedes that he's straight and that he really has feelings for them. When she confronts him with finally making their relationship official, Kurt replies that he is in love with someone else. He looks at Finn, but Mercedes, who doesn't know he's gay because Kurt hasn't come out yet, thinks Rachel means, which he confirms. Jealous and exposed, she destroys the windshield of his car with a stone. When Kurt finally confesses that he's gay, she asks him why he wasn't being honest with her. He admits that he is afraid that someone else might find out about his sexuality and that he is not as confident as she thinks.

In Children of lies It turns out that Kurt's fear arises from the fact that he does not want to disappoint his father because he thinks he will not accept his homosexuality. When Burt comes into Kurt's room and he and Tina and Brittany shut up Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) dances, he hides his true sexuality and says that he's on the football team now and that he doesn't want to decide which of the two girls is his girlfriend just yet.

Since he desperately wants his father's approval, he is now really trying to get into the team to keep up his lie. He approaches Finn and tells him about his wish, which will take him to the next training session. He's performing to warm up Single ladieswhich turns out to be a great kicker and gets picked up. He teaches this to his team members on the orders of Coach Tanaka

and in their first game together, Kurt scores the crucial point for victory. The other footballers lift him onto their shoulders and he looks to the stands where he sees his father exclaiming that this is his son. After the game, Kurt nervously confesses to Burt that he's gay. He reveals that he had known about it since Kurt was three and wanted a pair of good high-heeled shoes for his birthday. Even if he's not entirely comfortable with the situation, his dad reminds him that he still loves Kurt just as much and will always support him and be proud of him.

In April April former Glee Club member April Rhodes joins the club. Kurt is reluctant to accept them at first, but is too concerned about their performance