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How to hack someone's text messages without having their phone

Someone close to you spends texting all day. They don't know who they're messaging or what they're talking about. You can't find out because your loved one - a child, spouse, or partner - is not going to let you near their phone.

If your child is texting, you are probably worried about them. Are you chatting with a potentially dangerous stranger you met on the internet? You need to read their text messages to calm your mind.

If it's a spouse who chats with a stranger all day, you can feel the sting of betrayal. Are they cheating on you behind your back? When you review their text messages, you can make up your mind.

You can't get your hands on her phone. But you want to read your text messages anyway. Is that even possible? Can you remotely hack text messages from someone else?

The answer is yes you can! In fact, with the right app, it's easy. You don't have to be a tech genius to use these apps either.

In this article, we are going to give you two easy ways to hack someone's texts without having their phone in your hands.

The first method is for target iOS devices and the second is for Android devices. If you want to hack text messages on Android phone, scroll down to Part 2.

Part 1: How to Hack Text Messages without Target Phone (for iOS)

Does the person whose texts you are trying to hack owns an iPhone or iPad? You can hack their texts remotely with Spyic. You never have to physically touch or jailbreak your device. You don't have to worry about being discovered either.

1.1. Spyic: A Top Rated, Reliable Spy App

Spyic is a remote monitoring, monitoring and control app. For iOS, the app is completely web-based. It gives you remote, deep access to the target phone or iPad. The app is very trustworthy and is used by over a million people worldwide.

Here's what makes Spyic for iOS special:

Spyic is one of the few apps that can be set up to completely remotely monitor target iOS devices. You don't have to get to the target phone and run the risk of being detected. All you need is the device's iCloud credentials.

Unlike other spy apps, there are no software downloads involved. As mentioned earlier, Spyic for iOS is web-based. In addition, Spyic can be set up in a few minutes. You can monitor the target device almost instantly.

Once Spyic is linked to the target device, you can start monitoring instantly from any web browser. This includes a smartphone, tablet or PC browser. You can access the Spyic dashboard by logging into your account.

The Spyic dashboard gives you an overview of the target device. This includes the 5 most recent contacts, messages and locations. The feature panel on the left allows you to view various device activity such as social media and photos.

There are several spy apps in the market, but one of them requires you to jailbreak the target iOS device. Jailbreaking is extremely complex. It has a chance of bricking the device. In addition, the warranty is void and can make the owner suspicious.

Spyic is one of the few apps that allows you to spy on the target iOS device without jailbreaking it. Instead of working directly with the phone, it works with iCloud backups. You don't have to risk voiding the warranty or making the owner suspicious.

  • Incoming phone access

Spyic gives you full access to the target iOS device. This includes call logs, messages, locations, browsing history, photos, videos, social apps, calendars, applications and SIM card details. You will receive phone activity updates every 24 hours or less if specified.

The app also offers a keylogger function. The keylogger captures all keystrokes entered on the target device and then releases it to you in a log file. The feature lets you find out account names, passwords, and more.

Finally, Spyic for iOS cannot be detected. Most of the spy apps on the market require you to download them on the target device. This slows down the target device and can cause other problems. The owner becomes suspicious and eventually finds out that they are being spied on.

However, as stated earlier, Spyic is undetectable. There are no software downloads involved. It works invisibly with the iCloud backup. The device user, whether they're a kid or an employee, will never know.

  • Works with iPhones and iPads

You can use Spyic with both iPhones and iPads. The app is compatible with all current operating system versions. Note, however, that some features like SIM card tracking won't work with target iPads that don't have cellular connectivity.

1.2. How to hack text messages without accessing phone

Are you interested in Spyic to Hack Text Messages on Target iPhone? Here are the following steps:

Step 1: Register for a new Spyic account. You can use an existing email ID for the username.

Step 2: Buying a Spyic Subscription. You can monitor one or more devices.

Step 3: Set the target platform like iOS.

Step 4: Enter your target's cloud credentials.

Step 5: Wait for Spyic to sync with the target iCloud account. Once that's done, the Spyic dashboard will load.

Step 6: You will find a selection group to the left of the start screen. Click the News option to get the latest news on the target device.

Take a look at the iOS live demo here.

Part 2: how to hack a phone to read texts (for Android)

Would you like to remotely read the messages on a target Android device? The best way to do this is with Spyic.

2.1 Spyic for Android

Spyic for Android is used by over a million people around the world. The user base is mostly made up of parents who want to monitor their children and staff who keep an eye on their staff. Spyic is very trustworthy and legal to use.

Here's why Spyic is one of the best Android monitoring utilities out there:

Spyic for Android is a very lightweight app. It is less than 2MB in size. This is much smaller than most of the other spy apps out there. Thanks to its small size, it can be downloaded and installed in a Jiffy. The small size also makes it difficult to see.

Most of the other spy apps are bigger. Once installed, they tend to slow down the phone by using a lot of system resources. They also create a lot of suspicious files and folders so that they are easy to spot. However, Spyic is undetectable.

Once Spyic is installed, you can use it to monitor the target device 100% remotely. This can be done from any PC or phone browser. All you have to do is log into your account and access the Spyic dashboard.

Note: To use Spyic, you need to install it on the target Android device first. This means that you only need one quick access to the phone or tablet to get Spyic up and running. After that, you can use it remotely forever.

  • Works without rooting

Most of the phone spy apps require you to root the target Android device in order to work. Rooting is a complicated process. If it goes wrong, it can permanently brick or damage the device's operating system. It also leaves the phone vulnerable to malware.

Fortunately, Spyic works on the stock version of Android, no root required. Even without root access, Spyic gives you access to advanced functions such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Other spy apps cannot do the same.

  • Powerful feature set

You get full access to the target tablet or phone. That means you can view call logs, messages, contacts, messages, locations, browsing history, photos, videos, social apps, calendars, applications and SIM card details.

Spyic for Android also has a keylogger utility. It shares every keystroke typed on the target phone or tablet. You can use this information to find out passwords, user names, and other information.

The Android version of Spyic works in the background. Once you've installed it, you can hide it. The app icon is not displayed in the app drawer. In addition, it does not appear in a list of installed applications, so it is invisible to the user.

Note that Spyic for Android doesn't use a lot of system resources. The phone or tablet will not slow down or behave atypically, making the owner suspicious. It's a real stealth app, one of the best out there.

  • Compatible with the latest Android phones and tablets

Spyic for Android is compatible with Android versions 4.0 and above. It works on both target Android phones and tablets. Note that some features such as SIM card tracking will not work when monitoring a tablet without a cellular connection.

2.2 Hacker Handy Text Messages Free Download

How do you set up Spyic on Android devices, then read someone's text messages? Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Get a Free Spyic Account. Use an existing email ID for the username.

Step 2: Choose the target platform like Android. Then follow the setup prompts. You need to download and install Spyic on the target device. It should be done in a few minutes.

Step 3: Wait for the Cocospy dashboard to load and sync with the target phone. This can take a few minutes. In the dashboard on the left, look for the "Messages" option. The Messages window shows all messages that were recently exchanged on the target device.

Check out the Spyic for Android Live Demo here!


You can use Spyic to hack text messages without having the target's phone. The iOS version can be installed remotely, while the Android version needs you for brief access to the target device. It only takes a few minutes to set up.

After that, for both versions, you can hack text messages remotely and discreetly.

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