How to set up ddns iview ddns

DDNS stands for DynamicDNS, DNS in turn stands for Domain Name System. The DNS service is responsible for the resolution of names into IP addresses (example: the name becomes the IP This means that you don't have to remember the complicated IP address; the name is sufficient to work with this computer.

With the flat rate offers, technical tricks ensure that the current IP address of the computer changes at least every 24 hours.

If such a computer were to be entered in the classic DNS, the entries could never be correct, as the change also takes up to 24 hours to become known worldwide. During this time, the computer has a new and thus different IP, etc. ...

With DDNS, however, special precautions make the changes effective worldwide within seconds, so the constantly changing IP addresses are no longer a problem.

How to set up DDNS is described here.

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