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New Infection Protection Act : Save yourself who can! No more can be expected from politics

It would be good news if it were not consistently ignored by politics: the corona pandemic could be contained to a large extent with means that do not seriously affect anyone. And within a short time.

Let's imagine: there is a real obligation to work from home. Everyone who actually has to appear at their workplace is tested daily; this is mandatory for both companies and employees. Compulsory attendance in schools has been lifted nationwide. School and daycare children who do not stay at home are tested daily.

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Not in the classroom, because that would be against common sense, but in the schoolyard or in the daycare garden. Namely by medical professionals.

Politicians have not managed to enforce and organize that? Right. And that cannot be condemned harshly enough.

Jogging in the woods? Infection risk!

Daily tests in companies and authorities are not expensive. They're cheap compared to ongoing half to quarter lockdown. Daily tests for all daycare and school children are not expensive. They are straightforward compared to the home office, home schooling, home caring nightmare of millions of families.

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So now the Infection Protection Act. Walks in the extensive zoo will soon be impossible, as it will have to be closed. A jog in the forest when the last child has finally been put to bed at nine in the evening to clear their heads? Please don't, the risk of infection! In the morning in the full S-Bahn to the office, there for a meeting with ten people, because that is much nicer personally than via video conference? But gladly.

Of course, it makes sense to create federal law. The Prime Ministers have proven that many of them are ready at any time to act against reason and facts in order to ingratiate themselves with voters and interest groups.

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A nationwide set of rules is needed. But this must be based on scientific knowledge and contain measures that actually work. This would include a real obligation to work from home, and not just as a non-binding offer to employees. The decision to carry out tests at workplaces is not enough either, the mere offer to the workforce is not enough.

Secondary contradictions and mock battles

Politics becomes entangled in side contradictions and mock battles. Above all, the curfews that have now been decided are discussed in public. In fact, modeling shows that this can measurably reduce the R-value. Every place after the decimal point counts. But curfews cannot be communicated as long as politicians do not dare to approach companies and do not properly take care of educational institutions.

In addition, nothing is gained if private meetings take place in apartments in the evening because the public order office is not patrolling there. A rational, consistent policy would have to try to convince citizens to only meet with the one permitted person outside, with a lot of distance and, in all cases, preferably with a mask.

Also unacceptable: schools and daycare centers should be able to remain open up to an incidence of 200 without serious investments being made to make the facilities safer. Politicians consciously accept orphaned children and disabled parents.

"Those in charge are now handing over the responsibility of coping with the pandemic to the individual." This is how Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute recently put it with a thankful frankness. So that means: save yourself who can. No more can be expected from politics at the moment.

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