How are polyhedra used in everyday life

What is artificial intelligence and how is it used? 

Online shopping and advertising

Artificial intelligence is used to give customers personalized recommendations based, for example, on previous product searches and purchases or on their other online behavior. AI is of great importance for retail, especially when it comes to optimizing products, planning stocks and in logistics.

Web search

Search engines learn from large amounts of data entered by users in order to provide relevant search results.

Digital personal assistants

Smartphones use AI for optimal personalization. Virtual assistants answering questions, making recommendations, and helping organize everyday life have become ubiquitous.

Automatic translations

Written and spoken language translation tools rely on artificial intelligence to provide and improve translations. AI can also be used to automatically create subtitles for video content or TV shows.

Smart houses, cities and infrastructures

Smart thermostats learn from our usage behavior in order to save energy, while in smart cities traffic should be regulated using AI to improve connectivity and reduce traffic congestion.


Even if self-driving vehicles are not yet standard, cars already use AI-supported safety functions. For example, the EU is funding the VI-DAS initiative, which aims to develop automatic sensors that detect dangerous situations.

Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication for AI is intelligent navigation.


AI systems can help detect and combat cyberattacks and other cyber threats. They rely on the continuous input of data, whereby patterns can be recognized and attacks can be traced.

Artificial intelligence against Covid-19

In the course of the corona crisis, artificial intelligence is used, for example, in intelligent thermal imaging cameras at airports. It is used in medicine to detect infections on computed tomography of the lungs. AI is also used to provide data to track the spread of the virus.

Combating disinformation

Certain applications based on AI can detect fake news and disinformation by analyzing content from social media, searching for key terms and determining which sources are considered reliable.

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