What does dilute air mean?

What means increased hypodenity and thinned bovine border in the left front of the lower jaw & lpar; brain & rpar; near the edge of the mantle & quest;

increased hypodensity means that the brain has had a change that is not age-appropriate.

what a hypodensity means depends (to the best of my knowledge) on which method was used for the image: CT or MRI. it can be an edema e.g. after a stroke, as also means an area of ​​reduced density of the cells to be expected there. but i'm not sure about this point, i often confuse something.

then in the sentence comes the area in which the abnormality can be determined:

left = left hemisphere

high frontal = frontal brain and up there. the brain is divided into different lobes and the frontal lobe is affected, where it goes in the direction of the parietal (above).

medullary bed = an area that consists of white matter = nerve fibers.

and the affected medullary bed is near the edge of the mantle. there are pictures on the internet. roughly speaking, it is at the front in the area where there is a furrow between the two halves of the brain.