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How to create a Reddit profile banner

Reddit allows you to create your own profile banner that will appear behind your alien avatar. This is similar to Twitter when you can create your own header for your profile. However, this is a bit trickier and more difficult without a guideline or template.

There is a lot of confusion about the right size and ratio to fit the dimensions required. Your Reddit avatar is also obscuring part of the image you are using for your banner. We created a template and provided instructions on how to create your own banner.

  1. Open that Kapwing Reddit Banner Template
  2. Add your pictures and designs
  3. Delete the black placeholder and the text
  4. Export and Download your banner
  5. Upload according to Reddit

Step 1: open the Kapwing Reddit banner template

This template works on your phone or computer. Just click the embedded button below to get started.

The size for the Reddit profile banner is 1000 x 300 pixels or a ratio of 10: 3. To the right of center is a small black rectangle that will be covered by your Reddit avatar. Unless you're working with words or a design that requires everything to be displayed to get the full effect, you can ignore these elements by simply deleting them now. They are there to guide you so that you don't have anything in your design that is obscured by your user avatar.

Step 2: add your pictures and designs

You can Import an image from Google Search, which is directly integrated in Kapwing in the upper toolbar under “Images”. Once you've found an image that suits you, it's time to add it to the project. You'll find it obscures the black square and text. To send your image backwards, select your image and click "Send Backwards" until the black square is visible.

You can add as many texts, pictures or frames as you want. Here is my finished design. Can you say I failed my first year design class? Hopefully my boss won't read this paragraph ...

Step 3: Erase the black placeholder and text

When you're happy with the way your banner looks and you're ready to export, delete the black square and text by selecting them and pressing either the delete key on your keyboard or the trash can icon in the Layers panel at the bottom right of the screen.

You might want to go back and add more things after the black square is deleted. Don't worry: even if you change your mind and want to add more to the banner, you can get back to your project right away and Add or delete layers.

Step 4: Exporting and Downloading Your Banner

When you're ready to send this banner to Reddit, click the Export Image button in the upper right corner, then click Download when it's finished.

Now you have a ready-made Reddit profile banner to add to your user profile and share with the world!

Step 5: Upload your Reddit profile banner to Reddit

After you are logged into your profile on Reddit, click on your username or go to your profile page.

A pencil icon will appear to the right of your Reddit avatar. Click on that and upload your banner that you just created. You're done! Now anyone who clicks on your Reddit profile will see how skilled and creative you are.

After learning how to upload and create your own profile banner for your Reddit account, your personal branding has improved and your account is one step above the next person. If you need more help or just want to talk to creative people, speak to me in Kapwing's Discord where we can share all sorts of creative ideas like this one.