Bvlgari nourishing facial emulsion how to use

Trademark protection

The Bvlgari brand is a symbol of top quality and has ensured the high value of its creations in the interests of its customers for over 130 years.

To promote and ensure the quality and authenticity of Bvlgari's products and services, our trademark and intellectual property team takes daily protective measures around the world for all of our company's differentiators (trademarks, patents, design and copyright), including the internet.

The trademark and intellectual property team takes a two-pronged approach to fighting counterfeiting:

• Prevention - by registering and managing thousands of intellectual property rights, such as: B. through the names, the ingenious workmanship or the outstanding creative creativity of our collections, as well as through the observation of the trade and the Internet.

• Enforcement - with the assistance of specialist advisors, investigators, customs authorities and law enforcement officers, by seizing counterfeit products and related manufacturing facilities, initiating legal proceedings and systematically shutting down fraudulent websites, social media pages or online auctions.

The trademark and intellectual property team also protects our customers from unauthorized distributors by verifying the integrity of our supply chain. The Bvlgari collections are also characterized by the rigorous quality criteria that our licensees, as members of a carefully selected distribution network, must adhere to, both in terms of presentation and sales, in traditional sales channels and online. The positioning of models in suspicious contexts or at reduced prices can therefore point to an unlawful source. The list of the Bvlgari boutiques we operate and the official dealerships can be found on our website in the Find a Boutique section.

The trademark protection and intellectual property team would like to thank all customers who want to actively help us by reporting any potentially damaging behavior.