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The Zin Uru

The Voice of the heart This is the representation of the human Spirit expressed and balanced through the heart. By way of coming into the awareness, nobility, love, comfort, peace and clarity, free from all interference and delusions in our lives ... Sacred Masculine, Sacred Feminine Balance, instructions for the betterment of life in this and the next.


The following is an excerpt from theEmerald Tablets of Thoththat points to the importance and power of "ZIN-URU":
“Knew I then that in Words are power to open the planes that are hidden from man.
Aye, that even in Words lies hidden the key that will open above and below
Hark ye, now man, this word I leave with thee.
Use it and ye shall find power in its sound.
Say ye the word:
“ZIN-URU” and power ye shall find.
Yet must ye understand that man is of Light and Light is of man.
The word of power is “ZIN-URU” which means the possessor of thePrimary light, theUltimate Light, theSource of All Light….
By uttering this word with the right tone, creating the right sound, one may be able to put one’s mind into the appropriate trance and summon theServants of Light to assist them.

The universe was created using a sound command of creation!




Another quote fromThe Emerald Tablets:
Hear ye and listen, O my children.
Magic is knowledge and only is law.
Be not afraid of the power within thee for it follows Law as the stars in the sky.
Know ye that to be without knowledge, wisdom is magic and not of the law.
But know ye that ever ye by your knowledge can approach closer to a place in the Sun.
List ye, my children, follow my teaching.
Be ye ever seeker of light.
Shine in the world of men all around thee, a light on the path that shall shine among men.
Follow ye and learn of my magic.
Know that all force is thine if thou wilt.
Fear not the path that leads thee to knowledge, but rather shun ye the dark road.
Light is thine, O man, for the taking.
Below is a powerful mantra to be used daily to increase spiritual awareness:


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