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Fly over the most beautiful spots in Radolfzell for five minutes: Kai and Jan Eberhard have made a film. With trailer

Would you like to fly over the most beautiful spots in Radolfzell? And that without having to sit in a helicopter or private jet? The 16 year old Kai Eberhard and his little brother Jan (13) make it possible.

Because the two of them filmed eight squares in the city of Radolfzell from above with a drone - and put the recordings together in a five-minute film. This will be shown from Wednesday, June 10th to Saturday, June 13th, in the lido in a 4D cinema (see info element).

The lido, the market square, the pier, the island of love, the concert sail, the upper Weinburg, the city garden and the old town - places that Kai and Jan Eberhard show from a bird's eye view in “The dream of flying”. In addition, there is music and four-dimensionality in the six-meter-long and approximately two-and-a-half-meter-wide cinema.

In addition to the three dimensions, length, width and height, there are also effects - the cinema guest can feel the wind or the water, for example. "If you fly upwards, for example, the wind gets stronger," explains Kai.

Jan and Kai want to offer tourists, but above all locals, a unique experience on the cinema screen in the lido (screen diagonal about two and a half meters) - free of charge on a donation basis.

Start of the film in the lido

Kai Eberhard explains: “The film has a chronology. The start is in the lido. In other words, exactly at the place where the guest is in his seat in the 4D cinema. ”And then there is a flight from place to place. The recordings of the island of love were particularly difficult. “First we had to go out in a good friend's boat. It took a day, "says Jan.

In general, they would have filmed each scene seven to eight times. For the eight shooting locations in Radolfzell, a total of around five hours of film time came together. “The raw material was huge. But we enjoy cutting. And thanks to the Corona curfew, we had enough time, ”says Kai with a smile.

Corona gave the people of Radolfzell the perfect preparation. “We have already shown the film for the past two years,” says Jan. Thanks to helpful feedback and sufficient time, they have now improved many things. New places - new recordings.

They have now bought a high-performance projector. “That was extremely important to us,” says Kai. In addition, he and Jan worked with a new editing program - even more complicated, but according to the two of them also better.

Not their first project

The 4D cinema “The dream of flying” in the lido is not the first project that the two youngsters are tackling. Kai Eberhard and his brother Jan love, as they tell us, to organize and hold events. "It's the best hobby," says Jan.

Last year alone, they offered 40 different events in the entire district of Konstanz: magic shows, the horror night and films - all on a donation basis. “Our goal is to offer something all year round,” says Kai.

It all started in 2015 with a magic box: “We are actually magicians,” says Jan. Gradually, the students developed their own tricks. The magic shows are only perfect for cold temperatures. “What can we offer in summer, where are the people? We asked ourselves that, ”explains Jan.

And for the solution, they would have looked at themselves: in the lido. This is exactly how the idea came about to hold an event there. "To show the people who are in the lido from a different angle - that's what we want," adds the 13-year-old. And Kai, for whom it is a privilege to live in Radolfzell, adds: "We live where others go on vacation."

Around 20 friends support the Eberhards

For "The dream of flying", as with all their projects, the people of Radolfzell rely on the help of around 20 friends. For example, one of them provided them with the drone for “The dream of flying”. “You can't do it alone, we're very happy about it,” says Kai Eberhard. And for the events they also get support from youth centers, the city or, in this case, from the lido. "We are given the protection that as young people we do not have to assume liability for the contracts," explains Kai.

Derya Yildirim is looking forward to the cinema

But he also knows: “It's not a trade, we don't ask for anything. We always get great support. ”Lido owner Derya Yildirim is already looking forward to the film and the visitors:“ Kai and Jan are incredibly creative. You keep coming up with new, great ideas. They support the lido, which is great, ”she says.

To the event

The 4D cinema takes place from Wednesday, June 10th to Saturday, June 13th, in the Radolfzell lido. The film "The dream of flying" can be viewed during the opening hours of the lido (11 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm). Due to the Corona regulations, there is space for a maximum of five people at the same time - they must come from one household. The film is shown at least ten times within three hours - so over the four days it is shown more than 80 times. A ticket for a certain time can be picked up on site - so there should be no queues. In addition, you have the option to secure a desired date via the email address http: //[email protected], if this is not yet booked. (jwi)
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