How to access the secret room of puzzles

Unlock Minecraft Dungeons Secret Missions - Additional levels

In addition to the story missions, Minecraft Dungeons offers a number of additional levels, so-called secret missions. You unlock these via secrets in the story missions. In this guide you can find a list of the secret levels. The secret missions are characterized by the fact that they are set up randomly like dungeons and come up with an abundance of secrets, chests and of course enemies. This makes them ideal for new equipment for farms and to improve your character.

You have already unlocked the secret missions, but you still need the secret world "???"? You can find a guide for this here.
All maps are generated randomly and not all secrets are always loaded in a level. All secret missions are unlocked via secrets in the levels. Pay attention to the instructions for the respective missions and reload the missions if necessary until you get the given secret number.

Creeper Forest: Unlock Creepy Crypt

The first secret mission can be found directly in the first mission after the tutorial. As you fight your way through the creeper forest, look out to the west for a junction and a clearing with an adjoining temple. In front of this temple you will find a pressure plate with which you will open the entrance. Then you just have to enter the secret room and pick up the card it contains. This immediately unlocks the "Creepy Crypt" mission.

Wet swamp: Unlock slushy cave

Access to the Muddy Cave world is hidden in the Wet Swamp world. Wet Swamp has no secrets outside of the wider world unlock area. So if you enter the world of wet swamp and you are shown 0 secrets on the map, you have to reload the level until the display appears 1 secret changes. Then you just have to play the mission beyond the first cave.

Explore the area behind it, in one corner of the map you will find another cave entrance. This brings you to a room with a switch. As you approach the counter, a line of enemies will appear. Defeat the enemies to flip the switch and extend the bridge. On the other side of the bridge you will find the scroll with which you unlock the world "Muddy Cave". If you are active in the search for the runes, you should be on the lookout for a world with 2 secrets.

Pumpkin pastures: Unlock ore port

You unlock the ore port in the pumpkin pastures. After about a third of the world, you will find a secret in the form of a ship while exploring the byways. Enter the ship, after a few meters you will be attacked by several opponents. Have you defeated this, you can loot the reward chest and pick up the scroll in peace. Once you have picked up the scroll, you will immediately unlock the world "Ore Harbor". Since the world of pumpkin pastures harbors several secrets, one of the main things you should pay attention to is that 4 secrets are available in the world. If you are active in the search for the runes, you should be on the lookout for a world with 5 secrets.

High block halls: Unlock the basement

To unlock the basement, you have to enter the world of high block halls. Shortly after the start of the level you will reach a hall with two signs on the wall. Interact with the one shield to open the door to a secret room. When you arrive in the secret room you can already see the scroll. Interact with your goal to unlock the Basement world. This secret is always available.

Desert Temple: Depths of the Temple

Since the release of the DLC Jungle Awakens there is a new secret mission on the mainland. You unlock the depths of the temple in the Desert Temple mission. In the first half of the mission, a gate must be opened with a golden key. Shortly after this gate you will reach a hall with a lot of water, on the left side of which there is an optional dungeon. Enter the area through the door and activate the three switches. This allows you to reach the area in the middle that you may know from before. Instead of a chest you will now find a scroll there. Pick them up to unlock the Depths of the Temple mission. There is a rare variant of the desert temple in which this area cannot be entered by changing the perspective. If you catch this variant, you have to start the mission again.

Source: own research

Image source: Own screenshots from the game Minecraft Dungeons