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The best sources for free icons and vector graphics

It's super helpful for graphic artists, web designers, and bloggers to create a collection of free vector graphics. Finding good sources for free graphics and icons is not always easy, however.

So I have a list of helpful sources for free vector graphics and icons in various formats (PSD, SVG, PNG, EPS, CSH, AI, etc.) compiled. So you can quickly find something suitable for your next project.

1. Stockio

You can download free vector graphics, icons, fonts, photos, videos and more on Stockio. When you create an account with Stockio, you can keep track of your downloaded files thanks to a personalized portfolio.

2. Freepik

Freepik is one of the bigger websites for free vector graphics. Freepik offers hundreds of new vectors in different formats every day.

3. Freedesign file

Freedesignfile offers a lot of free vector graphics, icons and logos. Photos, fonts, backgrounds and samples are also offered. The website is constantly updated, so check out the online gallery regularly or subscribe to updates.

4. Vexels

You can find mockups and pre-made graphics on Vexels. The website also has an online editor that you can use to customize vector designs and layouts in the browser.

5. Free vector

The Free Vector website offers a bit of everything - e.g. free vectors, symbols, wallpapers and brand logos to download. With thousands of vector sets available, you're sure to find something suitable for your next project.

6. FreeVectors.net

Vector lovers can share free graphics at www.freevectors.net. All images on this website may be used freely for personal use, and most can also be used commercially. The latest vectors are displayed on the homepage.

7. Noun Project

You may have heard of the Noun Project. A website that aggregates and catalogs icons created and uploaded by graphic artists around the world. Over a million icons are available and the collection is expanded daily.

8. Flat Icon

Flat Icon has over a million free vector icons in a variety of formats. Some of the most popular sets are free social media icons in different styles.

9. Icon finder

Iconfinder is one of the most popular vector icons and graphics websites. There are tons of free icons, but also a premium subscription offer.

10. Icon ninja

Icon Ninja is a search engine that offers tons of free icon sets, including vector icons or transparent PNG symbols. All assets are accompanied by detailed information such as format and file size.

Feedback and questions

What are your favorite resources for free icons or graphics? For which projects do you mainly use them? We look forward to your feedback and tips, just leave a comment.

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