How to find vif in excel


While creating a project overview in Excel, I came across the requirement to display the Friday of each week. Now of course there would have been the possibility of simply entering the date of the next Friday and counting 7, but since the whole thing should serve as a template I wanted it to be dynamic.

There is no weekend date formula in Excel.

How to calculate a specific day of the week in Excel

The WEEKDAY and TODAY formula can be used to calculate the current day of the week.

= TODAY () + (5-WEEKDAY (TODAY (), 2))

It is important here that we in Europe set option "2" as the second argument in the WEEKDAY formula. Because Excel otherwise calculates Sunday as the first day of the week (US setting) while of course we start with Monday as the first day of the week.

TODAY does nothing but give back today's date.

If you want to adjust the formula to calculate a different day in the week you can do that by exchanging the “5” with one of the following “keys”.

Sunday = 7

Monday = 1

Tuesday = 2

Wednesday = 3

Thursday = 4

Friday = 5

Saturday = 6

But with the above formula we calculated the last day of the week for the current week, but I needed the Friday of every week for the next year.

However, implementing this was very easy after calculating the first Friday.

Plus 7

The easiest way to calculate the Fridays for the next few weeks and months is to simply use the above formula as a basis and then simply add plus 7 in the other cells. Is working.