Kalung 10 grams corresponds to how many teaspoons

Units of measurement - How many grams are 1 level tsp?

Sometimes “reading baking recipes” is not that easy.
On the one hand, one reads again and again that baking is precision work (although I find that a little overrated). And on the other hand, inaccurate units of measurement are always given in recipes.
How should you, for example, know the exact amount of a level teaspoon of salt? What is the difference between teaspoons in grams or tablespoons in grams?
I have no idea how you are ... but I never knew exactly!

During this time I also got used to baking by eye. Mostly with success, I have to admit.
But only mostly. For this reason, I paid more than once for my first attempts at baking, and then got annoyed that I had not just followed the recipe.

With a little experience you get a good feeling for quantities, but until then, exact measurements are essential when baking. For this reason, I would like to pass on the notes from the beginning of my baking to you today and reveal what, for example, 1 teaspoon of salt is in grams.

Conversions are important in many places when baking

Incidentally, I feel the same way with the conversion from convection to top and bottom heat when baking. How often have I sat in front of a prescription and was annoyed that only convection values ​​were given. Because I honestly have to admit that I'm a little fan of top / bottom heat when baking.

How come I can't really tell you that. It's probably because my grandma always baked with top and bottom heat when I was a child. She said that the passionate hobby bakers all bake like this :-). Well ... was she really right?

But with many cakes the surface is simply browned much nicer with top / bottom heat. And it is also a popular type of baking with classic cheesecake.

Let's start with the units of measurement and conversions:

How much is 1 level teaspoon?

2 g cinnamon
3 g baking powder
3 g cornstarch (potato flour)
5 g of sugar
5 g salt
5 g margarine

1 teaspoon corresponds to 5 ml of liquids

So you see, the conversion of measurements is in principle very uniform and not at all complicated.
1 teaspoon of salt in grams is 5 g, as long as it is “canceled”. By the way, a spoon is struck when you wipe the surface with a smooth object (such as a knife) over the edge of the spoon. The rest of the ingredient that remains in the well is exactly one level teaspoon.
With a heaped teaspoon, however, things look different again. Here the spoon can have a nice big pile. Just enough so that no salt, flour, etc. falls off.

So please do not confuse “deleted” with “heaped”.

What is 1 level tablespoon?

5 g cocoa
9 g cornstarch
9 g baking powder
10 grams of flour
12 g salt
15 g of sugar
20 g of jam or honey

1 tablespoon corresponds to 15 ml of liquids

Converting 1 tbsp flour to grams is no longer necessary in the future.

What is 1 heaping tablespoon?

10 g cocoa
25 g flour
25 g of salt
30 grams of sugar

What does 1 cup mean?

150 grams of sugar
100 grams of flour
125 ml liquids

If you miss a unit of measurement for conversion, please write me an email. So I can expand my overview again and again and it also helps others to use every baking recipe very easily and without problems.

Once you've found the conversion you need, that's really great. Then I am happy that I was able to help you and I hope you enjoy baking.

Have a good time, your Mona!

Would you like to try the conversions on recipes right away?

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