Sons of anarchy, which means Sambel

What is anarchy - Meaning & explanation

If the word “anarchy” is used, people's minds get a picture of a world in which chaos and violence prevail. But is that really it?

The importance of anarchy

in the Ancient Greek it means Powerlessness. So it is only the name for a society in which no central authority prevails. It is set negatively primarily by the media, which show the word precisely in a chaotic state without rules and norms. But there is another word for this, and that is anomie.

Anarchists strive for a society that is not regulated by a government from above in which it is no hierarchy and social classes gives. Because they think that the violence emanates precisely from this upper power. There is very much in the anarchist thought model Rules and norms. If these are broken, however, there is no negative sanction from the government, because this is not there, but from society itself.

People pay for their own life, either alone or in a community. Work is only carried out when there is a need. This ensures that there is no superfluous work and thus unnecessary working time. Everything is distributed equally.

The Symbol of anarchy is this A that in a circle is set.

How the term was negative

Already in antiquity there was talk of a thought model that is equated with anarchy, but the term did not exist in its current form. It was not until a few centuries later that the first records were found in the dictionaries. At that time, the term was still kept very neutral and not derogatory as it is today. The first negative occupancy the term anarchy took place at the time of the French Revolution instead of.