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What does Figgo mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

"Figgo" is an artificial word that was coined and spread by Tedros Teddy Teclebrhan in his role of "Percy".

What does Figgo mean? Meaning, definition, explanation

“Figgo” serves as an exclamation, noun and adjective. It is used in positive and negative contexts. It can also be used as a salutation. (Comparable to brother, boy or digger.) “Figgo” can be used in almost all possible contexts and situations.

Someone can be a Figgo. If someone is particularly great, he is a "horny Figgo". But someone can also be insulted as "Figgo". (Here the relationship to the person and the context are decisive.) A situation can be “figgo”. Example sentence for an interjection: "Was zum Figgo ?!"

If “Figgo” is said, strong gestures should also be used.

There are two assumptions about where the word “Figgo” comes from. 1) It could be derived from the word "F_cker". The word was further developed to "F_cko", which ultimately became "Figgo". (The “ck” was simply replaced by two “g”, as happens in some dialects. The added “o” is reminiscent of the Italian language.) 2) The word “figgo” is derived directly from the Italian language, but through a second "g" changed. In Italian, “figo” means something like “cool”, “great” or “awesome”.

The term “Figgo” was coined and definitely spread by Tedros Teddy Teclebrhan. Tedros Teddy Teclebrhan used the term in his videos as early as 2018 when he played the fictional character "Percy". At that time he coined the expression "Legally Secured Figgo". (A poster that says “Figgo * legally protected” can be bought in Tedros Teddy Teclebrhan's shop.) See also: Who is Angelo Merte?

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Further meaning of Figgo

Mariofiggo is a German TikToker. More than 300,000 people follow him.

The word “Figo” exists in the Italian language. "Figo" means here: great, cool or awesome.

Google Trends shows that the term “Figgo” has spread widely since autumn 2020.

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