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by Nick Wood

Director: Claus Tröger

Light: Jan Gasperi

The story of Malala Yousafzai caused an international sensation, deep shock and even more admiration: like millions of girls of her age worldwide, the 15-year-old Malala goes to school and learns. But in the Swat Valley in Pakistan, where she lives, the Taliban have ruled for several years and have banned girls from attending school. On a blog, Malala writes about how she defies the ban. That was enough for the Taliban as a reason for the brutal attack.

On October 9, 2012, the Pakistani girl was attacked and brutally gunned down by Taliban fighters on her way to school. She struggled with death for several weeks, but miraculously the courageous girl survived the cowardly attack. Shortly after the attack, she declared that she would not be stopped from fighting for the right of all children to education and was finally honored in 2014 as the youngest person of all time with the Nobel Peace Prize.

The renowned British playwright Nick Wood has condensed Malala's story into a gripping theatrical monologue. His piece tells the story of the Pakistani girl MALALA from the perspective of a student today.