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Linen thread is one of the most advanced resources in Valheim. It is used to make high-tier weapons and armor and must be crafted at a spinning wheel.

The longer and deeper a Viking explores in Valheim, the more threats they will encounter, and the better their weapons and armor will need to be. After summoning and defeating Moder, the fourth boss in Valheim, Vikings will receive a unique resource called Dragon Tears. These can be used to craft an Artisan Table at a Viking's base. The Artisan Table can't craft anything on its own, but it unlocks the ability to build three late-game crafting stations: the Blast Furnace, Windmill, and Spinning Wheel. The Spinning Wheel is one of the most important crafting stations in Valheim, as it is the only way to produce linen thread.

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Linen Thread is an incredibly important resource in the late stages of ValheimAs it is a main ingredient in most Black Metal weapons and the Padded Armor set. Both Black Metal Weapons and the Padded Armor set are currently the best gear available. To get Linen Thread, Vikings will need to venture onto the Plains and defeat formidable enemies. They will also need to do some planting. Here's how to get Linen Thread in Valheim and every recipe that requires it.

How to Craft Linen Thread in Valheim

Once players have defeated Moder and crafted the Artisan Table and Spinning Wheel in Valheim, they will need to gather Flax. Flax, like Barley, is only found in the Plains biome. Unlike Barley, however, it is rare, so players will want to replant any they find right away. Flax is typically most abundant in Fuling Villages, meaning Vikings may need to fight through some Fulings to get it.

After harvesting Flax, Vikings will want to replant it. Flax will not grow just anywhere, however. While it can be planted in any biome, it will only grow on the plains. Vikings can make themselves a small base here and plant a field of Flax, as they will likely want a constant supply for crafting, cooking recipes, and to feed and tame Lox. Each Flax plant will take a little over 2 in-game days to grow.

Vikings can place harvested Flax in the Spinning Wheel to produce Linen Thread. Up to 40 Flax can be added at a time, allowing Vikings to produce this resource in bulk autonomously. Linen thread can be used to craft the following Valheim weapons and armor:

  • Blackmetal Atgeir: 30 Black Metal, 10 Fine Wood, 5 Linen Thread
  • Blackmetal Ax: 20 Black Metal, 6 Fine Wood, 5 Linen Thread
  • Black metal knife: 10 Black Metal, 5 Linen Thread, 4 Fine Wood
  • Blackmetal Sword: 20 Black Metal, 5 Linen Thread, 2 Fine Wood
  • Linen Cape: 20 linen thread, 1 silver
  • Padded Cuirass: 20 linen thread, 10 iron
  • Padded Greaves: 20 linen thread, 10 iron
  • Padded helmet: 15 linen thread, 10 iron
  • Porcupine: 20 Iron, 10 Linen Thread, 5 Fine Wood, 5 Needle

Vikings will want Black Metal weapons and Padded Armor while exploring the Plains, especially to protect themselves from Fulings and Deathsquitos. This equipment can also protect them when they decide to summon and defeat Yagluth, the fifth and current final boss inValheim.

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Valheimis in Early Access and is available for PC.

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