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How does a corona spit test work? (Manual)

In this article, we will explain the use of a corona spit test using video instructions.

So far, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) has mainly approved corona self-tests with nasal swabs as a sampling procedure, but there are now some saliva tests as well. There is no need to insert a cotton swab into the nose; the saliva can be put directly into the test tube. This may be more convenient for some users, but the spit test also has some pitfalls, as you will see in the video tutorial below.

Corona spit test: instructions

In this video, pharmacist Julia Graser explains how to use a spit test correctly and what the result actually says.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before testing.
  • Now open the packaging and place everything on a clean surface.
  • Screw the spitting funnel onto the sample tube.
  • Depending on the test, the buffer solution is either already in the tube or has to be added after the saliva has been removed.
  • Loosen the secretion in the throat by coughing vigorously three to five times.
  • Now spit into the funnel until the marked amount is reached.
  • Mix the saliva with the buffer solution by shaking. Strictly adhere to the instructions for use.
  • Then dribble the solution onto the test cassette.
  • Depending on the test, the result should be available within 15 to 30 minutes.

This is how you interpret the result

Like all other corona rapid tests, the spit tests also have two control lines: C and T. C stands for the quality control line and T for the detection line. If both lines turn red, the result is positive. If the line only appears at C, the result is negative. A single dash at T indicates an invalid result. In this case you have to do a new test. In this article we have summarized for you what exactly the result says and how long it is meaningful. You can read here what to do if the result is positive.

Dispose of the spit test properly

The spit test should not simply be disposed of with household waste. Pack it in a sealable plastic bag or in a knotted garbage bag. This will prevent someone else from touching it. Then throw the closed bag into the residual waste bin.

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