How to tile kitchen countertop and backsplash

Stain Resistant Quartz Kitchen Tiles, Engineered Quartz Tiles Large Format Available

Product description

Decorative artificial quartz stone for kitchen countertop tops or shower stalls


- Joint invisible, more beautiful appearance;

- No bubbles, environmentally friendly, clear more convenient;
- High tenacity fixed maps;
- Smooth, firm, discreet seams;
- Superior stain / bacteria / chemical resistance fixed maps;
- Easily repairable fixed site plans;
- Very low water absorption & excellent penetration;
- Very high oxygen index & flame retardant;
- Warm note, colorful and beautiful.
- Extremely durable and easy to maintain and repair

Quartz stone is a new type of stone synthesized from more than 90% quartz, resin and other trace elements. This type of artificial stone is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration. It has many advantages like no cracking, high toughnes, freeze-thaw resistance, anti-penetration, low water absorption. This material is beautiful and its wide variety of color choices are sure to catch your eye. Due to so many advantages, quartz stone has become a best choice for kitchen countertop.

How To Care About Quartz Countertops?

Use a damp cloth, a soft cloth with warm water and soap or a non-abrasive cleaner.
Rub off trusty food, gum, or nail polish with a putty knife, then clean.
Caesarstone is resistant to cracks, scratches and stains.
Caesarstone's non-porous nature resists staining, eliminates the need for sealing, and reduces bacterial growth potential.
Place hot cookware on hot surfaces to avoid temperature damage.
Use cleaning products between pH 5-11 to avoid mountain damage.
Decorative artificial quartz stone for kitchen countertop tops or shower stalls
Stone typeArtificial stone
sizePanels: 3000 * 1400mm, 3200 * 1600mm or customized.
Thickness: 15mm-30mm, etc.
Surface finishingForeman
applicationCountertops, bathroom vanity top, kitchen countertop tops, table tops, island,
Pole tops, shower stalls, tub surrounds, wall cladding, stairs