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Dora has moved to the country with her little dog. She urgently needed a change of scenery, more freedom, room to breathe. But Bracken, the small village in nowhere in Brandenburg, is not quite as idyllic as expected. There is no furniture in Dora's house yet, the garden is like a wilderness, and the bus connection to the district town is a joke. But above all, behind the high garden wall, there is a neighbor who, with a shaved head and right slogans, seems to meet all prejudices. Having fled the lockdown in the big city, Dora has to ask herself what she is looking for in this anarchic emptiness: Distance from Robert, her friend, who is becoming increasingly alien to her in his dogged climate activism? Refuge because of the inner restlessness that prevents you from sleeping at night? Answer to the question, when did the world get so messed up? While Dora is still trying to keep her own thoughts and demons in check, things are happening in her immediate vicinity that she could not have expected. She is shown by people who do not fit into any grid, who challenge her ideas and her previous life to the greatest extent and let her experience something that she would never have thought she was looking for.

Juli Zeh's new novel tells of our immediate present, of our biases, weaknesses and fears, and it tells of our strengths that come to light when we dare to be human.