How to apply proctolog rectal cream

How to choose a cream for bleeding with hemorrhoids?

Causes of bleeding in hemorrhoids

Sometimes swollen and inflamed hemorrhoids start to bleed. For immediate care, you should carefully apply an anti-hemorrhoidal hemorrhage cream, ideally prescribed by a doctor.

Hemorrhoidal bleeding can be caused by stiff stool that swells and hurts the tissues and veins around the anus and rectum. They are so painful that defecation is very difficult.

Pregnancy can also be a cause of bleeding during hemorrhoids, as extra weight puts pressure on the abdominal cavity. Living with overweight or being overweight has the same effect - being overweight puts more pressure on the veins in the rectum area, which leads to severe defecation. Anal sex can also be a rectal bleeding provocateur.

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Anal fissures

Sometimes hard stool in combination with already inflamed veins can lead to cracks in the skin of the anus, called anal fissures. This is something like a cut on anal tissue that very often causes bleeding. Bleeding from hemorrhoids can be caused by internal hemorrhoids located in the anal canal.

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When to see a doctor

If you have any bleeding you should see a doctor right away, as rectal bleeding can also be caused by other diseases, such as cancer.

If you are only experiencing mild pain and distress, you can use the hemorrhoid bleeding cream to relieve the pain and help you recover if you have a bowel movement. Many creams should be prescribed by doctors - it is always better than self-chosen medication.

Medicines without a prescription are also available, but they contain fewer active ingredients. Note that a good bleeding cream with hemorrhoid cream will not help this problem go away, treatment will only help in providing pain, and the body will heal from cuts and sores.

Choice of cream for bleeding with hemorrhoids

To treat bleeding with hemorrhoids, you need to go through two stages of cream approval. First of all, you need to apply the cream that you have chosen from hemorrhoids. There are also herbal creams from hemorrhoids that help lubricate the anus and make defecation easier. A good bleeding cream for hemorrhoids has active ingredients that reduce inflammation of the veins and skin.

In the second phase, you need to change your diet. Eat more foods high in fiber to help soften your stool. Don't forget to drink at least eight glasses of clean water to soften the stool in your intestines. There are also supplements that you can buy to lubricate your chair.

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Types of creams from bleeding with hemorrhoids

Creams from bleeding during hemorrhoids may contain astringent ingredients that help use the main analgesic ingredient effectively, and also lubricate the anal opening. There are many types of creams. One such type is the astringent hemorrhoid cream, which may contain calamine, aloe vera gel, hazel extract. Astringent creams help in increasing blood circulation around the infected area as well as in cooling down from burns.

There are also creams that work as an anesthetic and for a painful area, blocking the pain receptors and making them numb. Vasoconstrictive creams for hemorrhoids, on the other hand, help reduce blood flow to the veins and help make veins smaller. Other types of steroid creams are anti-itch cream and pain relievers. After consulting the doctor, any of them can be used as a hemorrhoidal bleeding cream.

Before you start taking the medicine, you should check the label of the cream and the instructions it offers for your case. However, if there is no professional advisor, the first thing to do is to compare the possible drugs yourself.

Do not worry

People with hemorrhoid symptoms can be irritated and painful, which is very uncomfortable. Sitting for long periods of time can be very painful because of the pressure placed on the problem area - the anus. If you have hemorrhoids - don't worry, you are not alone.

Hemorrhoids are relatively easy to treat but require lifestyle changes, especially diet. If you're not pregnant or if you don't have chronic asthma and cough, the cause of hemorrhoids is likely due to the food you eat. If you eat more fast foods than organic foods, if you prefer processed foods, spicy and salty, you are likely to have hemorrhoids. But it can be defeated.

Details about creams and their ingredients

Most people often self-medicate when they get hemorrhoids. There are several over-the-counter creams available for this problem. Other creams from hemorrhoids should be prescribed by a doctor. There are many types of creams with different ingredients depending on the results when we compare them.

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Astringent creams from hemorrhoids

A cream that has an astringent property - it may contain aloe vera gel and hazel extract as an ingredient. The main function of this cream from hemorrhoids is to provide coolness to the affected areas of the body and activate blood flow.

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Pain Relief Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Another type of cream is an anesthetic cream for bleeding with hemorrhoids that should relieve pain. Analgesic ingredients block receptors that can send pain signals to the brain so that you can get rid of the pain after using the cream. Anesthetic cream should be used with other creams as it only relieves pain but does not directly treat hemorrhoids. It may contain lidocaine or other pain relievers.

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Vasoconstrictive creams from hemorrhoids

As the name suggests, vascular vessels constrict the veins to make them less inflamed. The cream does this by reducing the flow of blood to the affected area. Ingredients that are common to vasoconstrictive creams are phenylephrine, ephedrine, and adrenaline.

Steroid creams from hemorrhoids

One of the most common prescription drugs for hemorrhoids are steroid creams that contain ingredients like hydrocortisone. This ingredient is anti-inflammatory. It is not recommended to use hydrocortisone-based drugs for a long time, as they thin the anal tissue. They should only be used during a crisis or when there is severe pain.

Antiprurite cream for hemorrhoids

Other pain relievers that anesthetize and are used as anti-itch drugs are also good for hemorrhoids. The composition of this type of cream includes camphor and menthol. There are also herbal creams available without a prescription.

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How to apply creams for hemorrhoids

You can temporarily relieve the pain of hemorrhoids with creams applied with cotton balls or cotton swabs - you can also use your own fingers, just before and after the procedure they need to be disinfected. Better creams for hemorrhoids are bought through a doctor's prescription, as most creams that can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription have a lower concentration of active ingredients.

Are Creams From Hemorrhoids Purchased Without A Prescription Dangerous?

If you have internal hemorrhoids and bleeding, it is not advisable to use nonprescription creams as the body can absorb those of their ingredients that you personally do not recommend. If you have rectal bleeding or internal hemorrhoids, consult a doctor so that he can prescribe the right and best cream or medicine for you.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that you are not allergic to the hemorrhoid creams that you use because it can only make the symptoms of hemorrhoids worse. It is also not recommended to use creams for long periods of time, this can lead to the destruction of anal tissue which will become more tender and finer and which will make you more prone to hemorrhoids in the future.

To find out what is the best anti hemorrhoid cream for you, you should ask your doctor or local health officer about it to be sure the safety of this agent. To begin, you still need to change your diet and start a healthy diet.

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Vegetable elements made from cream

Creams made from hemorrhoids should also include natural herbal products made from organic ingredients. You should always try to apply a little hemorrhoid cream on the anus area to make sure you don't have a bad reaction to it. You may have to try several of these creams to find the best one for you.

Many people prefer herbal creams for hemorrhoids to treat their condition. Many herbal creams for hemorrhoids have red sage or chamomile as an active ingredient, as they can help regulate blood flow to the site of the hemorrhoid development, helping to reduce it.

Plantain is another natural ingredient that is often found in herbal hemorrhoid creams and helps reduce the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. Horse chestnut is also used in these creams because, as you know, it has the ability to reduce puffiness, swelling of the rectal area, and this helps relieve pain.

Creams containing cortisone are also popular, as cortisone is known to reduce the chances of getting hemorrhoids.

Using creams to treat hemorrhoids is one way to avoid radical or invasive treatments like surgery.

Before using any drugs from hemorrhoids, especially for rectal bleeding, you should first consult your doctor.