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Poultry and Asian recipe ideas

Asian cuisine is not only known for its (often) low fat content, but also for a variety of ingredients and a certain lightness. This is particularly evident when delicious lunch recipes are fried in a wok.

In order to be able to "conjure up" traditionally and deliciously here, you can, among other things, use ...:

  • rice
  • Pasta
  • Chicken and other lean meats
  • vegetables

be experimented. There are also great possibilities here with regard to the use of different sauces. Of course, with the aim of a light, wholesome lunch, you should avoid using cream and the like. If you are still looking for a particularly interesting culinary effect, you can try out peanut or Thai curry sauce (green and red) for yourself.

Quick and easy: delicious pasta dishes for lunch

A special classic should certainly not be missing from the list of delicious recipes for lunch: the pasta. Regardless of whether in the form of rigatoni, spaghetti or filled as tortellini: when mixed with the right sauce, this results in delicious creations that the entire family can usually be enthusiastic about.

Another advantage: many pasta dishes can be warmed up if necessary and thus enjoyed again the next day - sometimes even a little more flavorful.

Salad and meat for a particularly light lunch menu

If you are afraid that you will not feel satiated enough with salad for lunch, you can, among other things, fall back on a delicious mix of chicken or turkey breast and salad. You don't usually need a fancy dressing to set special accents.

Various types of kernels are suitable as a topping, for example sunflower or pine nuts, or, alternatively, homemade croutons.

Soups with homemade rolls for seasonal classics

Every season can be associated with special ingredients. This aspect is reflected particularly strongly with regard to seasonal soup classics. In spring, for example, it is the combinations of herbs and vegetables that should not be missing in connection with delicious recipes for lunch.

In autumn, among other things, pumpkin and mushroom soups make the hearts of their fans beat faster, while in winter it can often not be hearty enough.

If you want to give your various soup creations a very special touch, simply put on homemade (maybe still warm?) Rolls as a side dish. These are a great addition to the respective soup and, by the way, ensure an even longer lasting feeling of satiety and precisely the "crunch" that is so much appreciated by its followers.