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Friedhelm Wessel Once worked in various local editorial offices of the Ruhr Nachrichten and from 1973 to 1976 was up close and personal at Schalke, reported on all Bundesliga and world championship games played in Gelsenkirchen and, after his "active time", wrote several books about the Ruhr area and football in the Revier.

Friedhelm, the Schalke youngsters, Charly Neumann. A memory of the past.

Charly Neumann was (almost) always to be found on the pitch.
When I met him in 1973, he was part of the team around youth coach Uli Maslo. The Schalke youth was considered a talent factory, it was a kind of sports boarding school. Many well-known footballers such as Mathias Schipper and Peter Endrulat lived in the club's own apartments, which were located in Rotthausen and Gelsenkirchen-Mitte across from the indoor pool. Some of the table footballers were also fed here, as the club provided the youth players with appropriate meal vouchers that they could redeem at Charly, who was then the leaseholder of the Badrestaurant.

In the 1970s, the Schalke youth tribe also included Peter Neumann, the son of the later S04 team manager, but he was only the 14th man on the team. He must have inherited his father's football talent, which is rumored when Ernst Kuzorra once watched Charly kick the ball and turned away with the words “Charly, let it be”. But Charly, the bustling Schalke player, was still very proud of his son wherever he could: Peter was never missing from any team photo, and the youth supervisor was happy to purchase these photos.
In contrast to other highly endowed players who simply pocketed photos of game scenes without thanking them, Charly Neumann paid me for it - he gave me 20 marks each time and invited me there several times when I delivered the A-youth photos to the indoor pool to eat.
So it came about that I knew almost all the players in the youth squad very well at the time. Because people often met at lunch, where the budding professionals not only talked about football, but also liked to talk about girls and music.

When Charly was buried in Buer in 2008, I was there. A matter of honor ...
"1904 Stories".
The request goes to everyone: if you have something from over 100 royal blue years, something truthful and / or interesting about Schalke that you want to share, experiences that are worth remembering or simply descriptions of what it was like, how you got tickets, where in the Glückaufkampfbahn, the Parkstadion or the arena you were "at home", how you got there and how it was there, or whatever, maybe someone who only knows Schalke from television or the newspaper, can never or never really know - but maybe should - send me (matthias.berghoefer [at] web.de) just your texts, three-line or half novels and no matter what your spelling looks like. It must be clear whether it is a true story or a prose text, i.e. a constructed, invented one that wants to express something specific in relation to FC Schalke 04.
It is of course also important that you have no problem with your text being published here, and maybe at some point in a book - under your name, of course, or a "pseudonym" if you prefer that for whatever reason.
1904 stories are a lot of wood. I am curious.

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